Enterprise Application Services for Retail

An Enterprise Application, if you didn’t know already, is a platform of system software designed to work within a certain business environment.  These applications are quite complex in nature. They are highly distributed throughout a business. At Ayoka, the software we develop, as part of our enterprise application services, consists of highly specialized groups of programs. These programs share the goals of your business and have an infrastructure based on your needs. Our teams are well-trained in the art of using enterprise architecture to build software that meets all your requirements with ease.

Where Enterprise Application Services and Software are Used

Our enterprise application software helps you manage processes within your retail business.  The term retail business includes all a wide range of businesses, such as online shopping, processing customer payments, creating and maintaining catalogs of available inventory, billing system management, store security, IT management, resource management (human and otherwise), and much more. As a retail-oriented company, your organization could greatly benefit from our enterprise application suite.

The Retail Industry Needs a Strong Enterprise Application System

The rate at which technology develops greatly impacts the success of your business when you’re in the retail game. Today, technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Investing in the latest tech is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your company.

Knowing the types of solutions you need to perfect your processes is critical to your success in the future. You also have to know when to outsource work. When you work with Ayoka’s enterprise application services department, for example, you get guaranteed high-quality results.

Analytics is a major part of the retail industry. You perform analysis of customer behavior in order to meet their needs more readily. Working with big data like this is a huge opportunity for new technology to be implemented into your systems. To do this seamlessly, you need a base of enterprise application software like CRM and Business Intelligence.

How Our Enterprise Application Software Works

When we integrate your new software, we use one of three methods:

  • Point-to-point – Ayoka integrates each of the business apps to each other using a single connection between them. This is the easiest form of integration, but is also one of the most limited because of the obvious restriction to scalability due to the single link.
  • Separate engine – Connecting all your databases and applications to a separate server or engine that can collect, analyze, and distribute data to the relevant apps later.
  • ESB – Also known as the Enterprise Service Bus, this is a solution that works well if your company has a complex IT system within it. We develop multiple complex enterprise apps and use your network to distribute tasks and information.

Better Management Capabilities

When you work with us to integrate Enterprise Application Software into your company, you’re taking a step towards a more successful future. You enjoy a whole range of benefits immediately after switching your business over to EAS. Better management capabilities are one of a few benefits you should see.

If your company has multiple departments responsible for different processes that come together to improve the output of the company, enterprise software improves the efficiency with which each department communicates with the rest. Interoperability is one of the prime causes of financial losses for companies. In fact, the automobile industry in the USA loses about a billion dollars each year due to inefficient interoperability.

Automated Workflow

Ayoka Systems’ enhanced enterprise application services ensure that all your company’s information is collected seamlessly and accurately, then distributed to the relevant departments. This means you no longer have to worry about errors during the processing and retrieval of data. A good example of this is the Customer Relationship Management segment of our enterprise application services. The data collected by the CRM system on customers can be used to build and push out a new marketing campaign. Reports on the success of the campaign can be built and delivered automatically to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Gain a Flexible IT Department

By integrating software into your business, you get to expand your IT systems when you need to. Because of this flexibility, loss of data is no longer a risk. As your store grows in size and popularity, upgrades to your system will be required, especially to stay abreast of customers’ expectations. Enterprise application integration allows you to do this quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

Integrate Enterprise Applications to Your Business Today

As you see, there are many benefits of integrating enterprise applications for your retail business. At Ayoka Systems, we employ our very own, custom-made enterprise application services team. This team is more than capable of building such a system for your company. Without an enterprise application system in place, your business will not last for long in the competitive retail industry today. Ayoka Systems is committed to helping your business succeed. If you think you’re ready to make the smart choice and switch over to software integration, give us a call and get started with the most professional teams in the business.