Can Custom Databases Lead to Better Healthcare?

In the modern era, technology has become a part of the continuous improvements that are happening in the healthcare industry. One way that technology is being used extensively involves custom healthcare databases. The use of these databases has made it easier for all stakeholders in patient medical care to understand circumstances and situations quickly and with greater accuracy than in previous years. Here is how designing custom healthcare databases can lead to better overall healthcare for all patients.

What is a Database?

To put it simply, a database is a way to make paper documents available on any networked computer or other device. A benefit of using a healthcare database is that it allows multiple users to access the same information synchronously or asynchronously. This can aid with workflow and data management in a variety of ways.

Healthcare Databases Reason #1: Customization

The first reason to consider upgrading to a custom healthcare database involves the unique needs of your business. While it’s easy to purchase an existing database system in a box, those tend to be pretty boilerplate. The bells and whistles may not be included, or the features that you do receive from an as-is platform may not be applicable to your business model. When your healthcare organization invests in a customized solution, the database is designed to your exact needs and specifications. Consider how a customized solution could track the specific equipment used in your facility. It could also be used to generate reports automatically for a variety of reasons, such as billing, medical results, or payroll.

Custom Healthcare Databases Reason #2: Control User-Friendliness

The second reason to consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind database system comes down to user ability. When it comes to finding a process that works for your entire team, a customized system is the right way to go. If your medical group needs software that uses familiar lingo and is easy to use for all employees, Ayoka Systems can design something for you. Our team of dedicated designers and programmers will find ways to adapt a database package to your corporate identity, processes, and existing systems. In many cases, end-users will be able to learn the new system in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. Ayoka can also assist your team with designing customized training materials to get everyone onboarded to the new platform efficiently.

Custom Healthcare Databases Tip #3: Scalability and Cost Savings

The third reason to consider a custom database solution is how your unique solution can be scaled to meet a reasonable end cost. On the surface, many organizations try to steer clear of fully customizable options because they appear expensive. In many scenarios, the startup costs can be high, but the added ability to manage data usage and system features makes sense from day one. Consider how much cheaper it will be to have all machines in your healthcare system loaded with custom software that is fully paid for. It’s easy to roll it out and make modifications depending on usage. There are no ongoing costs because the customized database is already yours. At the same time, adding new features and functionalities can happen at a much easier rate. With your own database administrator, new code and access points can be created that further enhance usability.

Custom Healthcare Databases Tip #4: Safety and Security

The fourth reason to consider a customized healthcare database plan comes down to a single word: security. In the computer age, consumer information has never been as at risk as it is right now. New threats and data breaches seem to pop up constantly. If you contract with an outside vendor that keeps your data off-site, your patient and partner information is at constant risk. When you contract with Ayoka Systems to design a custom solution, there is no third party–the data lives in your own network that adheres to your own security protocols. Only authorized individuals have access to the database and there is no outside sharing of information. On the outside of your system, patient data can be accessed by the patients themselves, a designee, or their healthcare team at any time. Limiting access to data can also ensure compliance with HIPAA laws.

Custom Healthcare Databases Tip #5: Streamlining Made Easy

The final reason that a customized database makes sense for your healthcare group involves the ease of transition for workflow. In healthcare, time is not something to waste. This is especially true in urgent or emergency care facilities. Having the ability to collect triage information, order laboratory work, review results, schedule procedures, consult with other departments, release patients, and begin the billing process can be as simple as a few clicks. Customized databases can allow appropriate departments to receive priority information to act quickly and enhance patient care. At the end of the day, understanding how quickly and accurately processes happen can lead to a stronger, better run facility.

Ayoka Systems: Databases Made Simple and Customized

Now that you’ve learned more about the top five ways that a custom database can assist your healthcare business, it’s time to find out more about Ayoka Systems. At Ayoka, our team of seasoned designers has decades of experience in creating unique database programs to meet the variety of needs that healthcare organizations have. While you might be worried about all the factors we’ve explored and more, trusting our team to manage your special project can refocus your attention where it matters: on your patients. When you’re ready to explore a customized database solution, look no further. Contact us right away!