In the rapidly changing field of healthcare, administrative costs can consume up to one quarter of every dollar spent on healthcare solutions. Those costs are expected to continue. Recently, the industry has come under scrutiny as Washington considers overhauls and increased regulation. As a result, their aim is to improve efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs for patients.

At Ayoka, we offer healthcare solutions designed to help you keep pace with these increasing demands. Ayoka is a leader in healthcare information technology, providing robust and innovative enterprise applications and architectures. As a result, we improve performance as well as regulatory compliance and customer service while reducing IT expenditures.

Our healthcare solutions are custom designed and scaled to meet your business needs. They include HIPAA compliant EMR (electronic medical records) management applications using current EDI (electronic data interchange) standards including HL7 (Health Level 7).

By aligning IT capabilities with your unique business processes and systems, your organization can achieve substantial savings in IT expenditures. Moreover, you can improve billing accuracies and reduce waste and fraud.

Additionally, our health solutions include optimization and modernization services that provide seamless integration across medical information systems with cutting-edge technologies including wireless solutions that improve efficiency and quality of care.

Ayoka’s custom software development culture combines the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up company with the confidence and stability of a successful professional services firm. Our vision is to become the ONLY choice for affordable enterprise software development and custom software development in AMERICA. We are proud of our consistent track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget. We strive to provide custom software development projects that make our clients money. Get in touch today to see how Ayoka’s services can benefit your company.