How Ayoka Systems Can Design A Custom KPI System


A custom KPI system is an essential tool used for identifying trends, goals, and efficiency in your organization or business. Ayoka Systems utilizes a design-build-manage strategy when consulting with you to devise custom software plans. Custom KPI software suites from Ayoka Systems are a business intelligence solution. This product will allow you to track, manage, and predict future business trends.

Metrics and data are easily customizable by the end user. The dashboard will also present data in an easily understandable format. This will help you save time and allow you to quickly identify data sets using custom or preset parameters.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of custom KPI, and how Ayoka Systems can use our design-build-manage strategy to make an optimized KPI suite for your business.

Designing Custom KPI

Ayoka Systems prides ourselves on drawing from a diverse array of industry experts. Whether our designers are electrical engineers or AI experts, our team works in a collaborative approach. We make sure to include you in that collaboration when it comes to designing your KPI.

We will be sure to sit down with you and discuss your business’s goals, trends, organizational capabilities, and ideals. It is vital to us to ensure your custom KPI software will be able to scale and grow with your business over the years. Purchasing an off-the-shelf system may be a cheaper alternative in the moment; however, non-custom software can often become obsolete or need upgrades. You will save money by investing upfront in a custom KPI software suite that can grow with your company.

Designing KPI to Measure Progress

Identifying trends and goal progress is a critical element of creating positive business growth or correcting shortcomings. In order to identify whether your business is meeting its goals, you need to be able to easily measure progress.

Having a lot of data can be a good thing, but not being able to understand the metrics makes having all that data less useful. A KPI system will create an easily understandable dashboard that will let you measure whether or not you are hitting those key performance indicators. Repetition can become arduous when it comes to looking at profit/loss scenarios, but Ayoka Systems can make that easier for you.

Building a Custom KPI

After we identify your goals for a KPI system, our team will use industry-specific standards to optimize your software. As we build the system, we make sure to send the product through an iterative process that will reduce vulnerabilities, increase efficiency, and reduce overall costs. If your business is established and you have other software systems, we will ensure the KPI system can be integrated.

Whether you are a start-up or a large business, KPI can help you identify key performance metrics in different departments, as well. We recognize that each department may have different goals, objectives, and responsibilities; however, there will also be the overarching mission for each department to support the growth and success of the business. Departments may also have other work-related responsibilities that overlap or intertwine with each other. A custom KPI can work with you to identify the goals for each department.

As your business grows and different departments evolve, a custom KPI will be able to scale alongside the departments.

Different Data Types for Different Goals

All businesses operate using both quantitative and qualitative data measurements. Therefore, Ayoka Systems makes sure to incorporate data analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data into our business intelligence solutions.

For example, a custom KPI for your business may be able to measure the quantitative data of how many tasks an employee completes during a shift. Those tasks can be compared to past performance in that same department. With qualitative data, our designers will hear from you about what type of goals you want to set for your employees. We will also ask about your ideals or philosophies when it comes to setting employee task targets or goal posts.

When quantitative and qualitative data is synergized and incorporated into a KPI, you will have a fully optimized software suite tailored to your goals. This balance between data allows our KPI to work to its fullest potential for you.

Managing a KPI

Once you are up and running with your new KPI system, Ayoka Systems will stand by our work and be ready to support you in the long term. Switching or upgrading to a new KPI system can be daunting. We want to make sure your new KPI system will be fully operational and optimized for your enterprise.

Managing any software system also requires regular updates and maintenance. This continuous monitoring is necessary for both optimization of the software and to defend against cyberattacks. As software advances, so do the capabilities of hackers. A KPI system holds a wealth of information about your business and its employees, thus making it a prime target for hackers.

Our dedicated IT staff will work with you even after the software has left our hands and integrated into your business. We also offer the opportunity to purchase maintenance hours. This allows our team to track and address bugs or technical issues in the software. Having a dedicated IT team is necessary to avoid prolonged downtime and cyberthreats.

Contact Ayoka Systems for a Consultation

If you want to provide your managers with a means to track progress, goals, and results, getting a custom KPI software suite is the best step. A KPI suite will allow you to avoid spending time manually preparing reports. The less time you spend aggregating data for a report, the more time can be spent doing other more productive tasks that cannot be automated. Ayoka Systems also keeps in mind the necessity of having easily understandable metrics. A well-designed dashboard will allow your managers and employees to not spend as much time searching for data.

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