Four Ways Mobile Software can Help Grow Your Enterprise Business

Mobile phones today accomplish more than just calls and texts. They have grown into hand-held computers with full internet access and an incredible range of customized software. Thanks to mobile applications, businesses of all sizes can unlock the true potential of their smart phones.

By employing custom software development services to create original, branded apps, businesses can not only keep pace with developing trends, but also improve customer loyalty and increase repeat business. Many apps already on the market can help enterprise businesses streamline their productivity and sharpen their competitive edge behind the scenes.

Multichannel Selling

Custom software development is one of the best investments you can make in your business, and developing mobile software is particularly good for boosting sales. Today, customers expect a good store, a good website, and a good mobile site at the very least from large companies. Although a small business might not have a regular store, it’s important for them to use the Internet to make the majority of their sales and maximize all available selling channels.

Successful businesses often launch an app to build customer loyalty, improve customers’ mobile shopping experience, and essentially advertise every time the customer scrolls through his or her phone. Ordering via mobile app is a quick, convenient shopping experience for anyone with a smart phone, and it’s a trend that benefits the seller. Building an app rather than simply letting customers use the Internet to look up your mobile site eliminates the competition. The customer goes straight to your merchandise and sees nothing but your merchandise so long as they are using the app. No third party ads get in the way. It’s just you and the consumer. It goes without saying that having your company’s app literally at customers’ fingertips presents an excellent opportunity to build regular shopping habits.

Communicating on the Move

Whether they have a lot of business lunches, sales meetings, or business trips, the average small business owner cannot spend all of his or her time at a desk. Mobile software maximizes your phone’s efficiency while you’re out of the office and makes sure you’re ready to dive back into the fray when you get back to your desk chair.

The right apps create a seamless experience between your desktop and your mobile phone. Such apps take advantage of cloud-based technology so what you record on your phone is available on your desktop. You can create or update notes, contacts, calendar events, and more via your cell phone. When you return to your desk, the information you recorded is available via the cloud. Sometimes mobile phones can be more efficient than desktops. For instance, apps can combine information from multiple email hosts, such as Google, Yahoo, and even social media, allowing you to access a single inbox that holds all of your correspondence.

Apps can handle physically recorded information as well. If someone hands you a business card, certain apps will take a photo of the card and use that information to connect with the card’s owner on LinkedIn. Some apps can simultaneously record notes about your meeting and update your schedule to reflect this new information.

Communication in the Office

A range of apps are available for mobile phones that also provide full websites for desktops. They are reinventing office communication. Many small businesses do not have a central office, and even businesses that do, often hire out-of-state for specific tasks or roles. Mobile technology has made it possible to post important documents, share updates, send instant messages, and develop new tasks on a single app. Such apps essentially work as an online office. This is invaluable for small businesses that already juggle a lot of information. By organizing all shared material on a single app, business owners save hours and stress better used in the hunt for new customers.


Most banks provide apps to help their customers save time and frustration. Many allow you to deposit checks by just snapping a photo through their app, and nearly all make your account summary and budgeting tools available via app.

Mobile software has turned phones into mobile cash registers. Apps are available that allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere through your phone. Although such apps work in tandem with plug-in card readers, these tiny pieces of hardware are easy to procure. When you can accept credit cards anywhere you can take your phone, it’s easy to expand your sales base.

If you’re traveling, you can also use an app to track and report expenses, which will save time when you return and reduce the risk of forgetting to report travel expenses like gas and food. You can’t claim expenses on your taxes if those expenses are not reported, and it’s easy to lose a receipt from the last gas stop at the end of a long trip.

Custom mobile software is an excellent investment that gives customers a polished, easy way to buy your product. There are apps to assist in nearly every aspect of running a business. Whether your business needs to improve sales, tailor its communication system, save money, or simply improve productivity, mobile software can make nearly any goal easier to reach.