How Custom Made Web Applications Can Grow Your Business

The Internet is everywhere, and everything’s on the Internet. At least, this is what consumers believe. Without an online presence, your business misses a significant portion of your target market and loses sales. Even if you have a limited Internet presence, such as a static website, you are not engaging with consumers in the way they have come to expect. That alone is reason to consider custom software development.

While a website primarily serves as a source of static information, a web application, or “web app,” is a creative tool with a specific purpose for users. Web apps are action-oriented and typically use the most recent and advanced features, such as geolocation and webcam integration to give consumers a way to engage with your business. This action-oriented approach is ideal for selling product and building connections with customers for future business opportunities.

Think of this in smart phone terms. Apps have become the default mobile technology for businesses, but if a user went online via their phone and looked up a business’s website, it might not look the same as the app. Would customers be able to tell the website and mobile app belonged to the same business? Web applications bridge the gap between the experience of a mobile app and the utility of a web browser.

Multichannel Selling

Multichannel selling is all about creating a unified experience. Customers expect your business to be represented in a similar fashion with similar options across all channels. Although a single customer may not use your mobile app, web application, and all retail locations, should they decide to, they should enjoy a seamless experience. Customers never have to wonder what is available at their favorite fast food chain. Regardless of where and how they order, they can expect the same product, and their experience assures them they are in the right place every step of the way. Your business should remain the same, regardless of how customers access it.

While mobile apps and physical stores or offices allow an advanced degree of interaction, a website can typically only provide information. A website cannot react to a customer’s requests or use outside information to enhance the customer’s experience. A web application allows your customers to interact with your business in the same way they might order through an app or window shop in the store.

A website does not truly sell your product. Looking at a website is like looking at a flyer. Using a web application is like walking into a store, searching for specific items, and having a conversation with a sales representative. It’s a superior experience for the customer and more accurately represents your business.

The True Face of Your Business

While we are on the subject of business representation, it’s time to discuss how your business benefits from a custom web application. First of all, a web application demonstrates the services and products you offer with greater accuracy. Similarly, a custom web application is tailored to your specific business, rather than simply providing a few blanks to fill in. There are many pre-designed forms and app skeletons. Anyone can flesh them out, but choosing fill-in-the-blanks web apps is like serving canned ravioli at the company Christmas party. Unlike food, however, hiring custom software development services is a profitable, long-term investment.

A custom web application highlights the key parts of your business. Do you need fresh products in front of customers’ eyes the moment the web app loads? Do you have video content? What services can you offer online? This is a chance for your business to get creative and innovate. Web applications offer a diverse range of abilities, and the more customers can do through a web application, the better. Brand loyalty is much easier to build when customers have easy access to you and your services.In addition, as any teacher will tell you, people are more likely to remember when they interact with something tangible. Just as the text in a schoolbook is quickly forgotten, information provided through a basic website will not stick well in a customer’s memory.

Stay Progressive

Perhaps the most important benefit of creating a custom web application is keeping your business current. Technology has turned selling and customer service into a world of instant access and demand. Any business that does not meet these demands will struggle to keep up with forward-thinking competition and the multichannel method of selling. Keeping pace with today’s software will also better equip your company for developments in the years to come.

Through your custom web application, you can show the true face of your business, create a universal experience across all selling channels, and keep up with current trends and customer demands. Hiring custom software development services to create a top of the line web application tailored to your business needs is an investment in your business’s future.