How Custom Software Makes Your Business Safer

Custom software development is the best choice for efficiency, longevity, and support. Did you know it’s also the best choice for safety? In the age of the Internet, you may feel like nothing is ever truly secure. Hackers make a living stealing trade secrets and confidential data. Their threat is ever present. Maybe you’ve even been hacked or hindered by a computer virus in the past. Unfortunately, companies can’t just lock their doors and use every computer individually. At the very least, you need links to printers, scanners, and other office machinery. Modern businesses also rely on email, websites, and video calls. A business simply can’t function without opening itself to attack.

The security of Custom Software

Choosing custom software development, however, gives you superior protection. Custom software makes hackers’ lives much more difficult by depriving them of easy loopholes and backdoors developed in regular software. The risk of buying regular software “off the shelf” is that many of these systems need improvement. Hackers have already found old software’s loopholes. You will spend hours updating that software after you install it, because there are bound to be endless updates that have come out since it was first published. Regular software companies are playing a constant game of catch-up with hackers. Many of these updates involve security. On the other hand, custom software gives you the latest security measures and updates. Rather than leaving your software vulnerable with outdated security measures and recognized loopholes, choose brand new software. New custom software comes with the latest security protocols. Developers also recognize weaknesses in the program hackers or viruses have exploited in the past and seal them off. Custom software in general follows this rule, so just imagine the compounded benefits of custom security software.

Defending Online

There’s been a lot in the news lately about internet security. Several major search engines and browsers recently announced new policies to help make the world a little safer. Eventually, unsecured websites will disappear from search engines and popular browsers. While your company’s systems should only appear on the deep web, beyond the reach of traditional browsers, it’s still important to remember that these websites can provide opportunities for hackers. Web security is a separate matter, but if your employees use your hidden websites while at work for things like security checks, logins, and benefits pages, you are at risk. Using the right security software to protect your employees and hardware from online threats, blocks a critical entry point for hackers, spyware, and other online dangers.

Defending Individual Systems

The more programs and functions your custom software commands, the better your protection will be. When hackers plan an attack, they often access a single computer or system. They use this device as a stepping stone to reach the next system. This continues until the hackers find a computer with the information they’re looking for. Hackers turn your systems against you, using things like your own Wi-Fi and printer connections to gradually hack your entire network. In order to infect the first computer, however, hackers must be able to penetrate the system. By closing off all systems through custom software security measures, you make it extremely difficult to begin the hacking process. This level of protection is easiest to achieve through systems integration via custom software. If you have other, more vulnerable programs running on the same system as your custom software, you make it easier for hackers to sneak into your most secured software.

Defending Against Hacks

Custom software is more difficult to hack. While essentially all the points in this article support this statement, it’s worth noting the obvious. Since custom software is designed specifically for a custom software development client, then the software is unique. Hackers often use the same tricks to enter similar systems running the same software. If your software is different from everyone else’s, then you are immune to a significant portion of the hacker’s skill set. Since hackers rely on accumulated knowledge of systems’ weaknesses and loopholes, your system essentially forces hackers to start from scratch. Additionally, since your system is unique, they will be working blind, without guides or suggestions from their connections.

Custom software development sets you ahead of potential threats from the start. By maintaining a working relationship with your developer, you can continue to stay ahead of potential threats and system weaknesses. Custom software doesn’t just keep your business moving, it keeps your business safe. Since safety is a major concern of many customers, you can even use your business’s custom software as a selling point. It makes your business truly unique, presenting original challenges for hackers and safeguarding your system. Whether you’ve experienced the threat of an active hack, or you’re trying to keep ahead of potential threats, custom software development is the safest option for you and your business.