How to Tell if You Need a Database Upgrade

Your database is the center of your business. You rely on it to provide your company with all the information that it needs. Without it, there’s no way that you could run your company at full capacity. Unfortunately, databases can’t always keep up with the current technology. Tech and business practices gain new innovations all the time. However, if your database trails behind the rest of your company, you could be operating below your full potential.

At Ayoka Systems, we work with all sorts of companies to create long-term, scalable solutions. Sometimes, a simple software upgrade will get the job done. At other times, companies need a more in-depth approach. Either way, we have the tools and the know-how that you need to bring your database up to speed. We’ve listed some of the top signs that you may need a database upgrade. If the list below sounds familiar to you, give us a call today.

You’re Holding Back Your Business Practices

As your business grows, your business practices should grow, too. Sadly, you won’t see much growth if your database is holding you back. Are you reaching your full potential, or are you avoiding exciting changes because your database wouldn’t keep up with those changes? Alternately, maybe you’ve upgraded your business practices over the years, but you’ve had to find ways to work around a database that just can’t keep up. Either way, you’re stopping your business from growing. Who knows how much growth and revenue you could gain with a database upgrade?

Your Applications Don’t Communicate With Each Other

You may have added new applications and software to your company over the years. How well do those apps communicate with one another? Your apps should all use the same data, but if your current database doesn’t support all of your new technology, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Does your database support all of your applications, or do you have to perform a lot of manual data entry to make everything work? By getting a database upgrade, you can help all of your technology work together. As a result, you’ll save yourself from a lot of frustration, and you can save a lot of time. You’ll also avoid a lot of the mistakes that come from manual data entry.

The System Has Slowed to a Crawl

Merging new technology with an old database will eventually slow down the entire system. If your system has slowed enough to cause frustration, the database may be the problem. It may be reaching the limit for how much data it can handle. In this case, a larger database will suit your needs perfectly. If your database doesn’t currently support cloud usage, an upgrade can also help you gain access to the cloud for your data. This option provides another great way to save space, and as a result, you’ll gain speed. Imagine how much more productive your work day will become if you weren’t waiting for a slow database to do its job. 

Your Competition Has Gained Efficiency

What’s worse than working with a slow database? Working with a slow database when your competition is doing the opposite. Other companies in your field are probably using similar databases to the one that you’re using, but are their systems more efficient than yours? It’s hard to gain that information directly, but certain signs point to a more efficient database. Do people mention excellent communication when they talk about your competition? Is your competition working with new innovations? Look for these and other signs that your competition has gained efficiency. If they have, then you can’t afford to fall behind. 

You Have to Dig for Data

An up-to-date database will let you find your information quickly. You can use that information to get to know your clients and make better business decisions. With an outdated database, you may have to put more effort into digging for data. Once again, this means lost productivity for your company. Why spend your time searching for data when you could be using that time more productively? If you get a database upgrade, you can put that time and energy into more productive tasks, which will help you run your business in a more productive way. 

You’re Worried About Security Issues

Finally, and most importantly, your database security matters. Out of all of your technology and software, your database is probably the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Databases are full of information that hackers can use to their own advantage. The older the database, the more open it is to hackers. By completing a database upgrade, you’ll increase your security, protecting your company and its clients from digital harm.

Database Upgrade

Do you need a database upgrade? Maybe you know exactly what you need, or maybe you’re not sure where to start. In any case, Ayoka Systems is here to create your custom database solution. To get started on your database upgrade, get in touch with us today.