Myo is Changing Motion

Thalmic Labs, fronted by mechatronics engineers Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant, is building upon the future of human-computer interaction. They aspire to use wearable technology to connect the real and digital worlds, and they’re not alone. Their team includes researchers, designers, and other engineers that share the same passions, with financial backing from Spark Capital, Intel Capital, Formation 8, First Round Capital and FundersClub, along with other individual investors.

By preordering a kit for only $150, you can receive your own Myo armband and the chance to become a developer before they’re released in the fall for consumers. The kit will come complete with the hardware, Software Development Kit (SDK) and all the necessary software!

The Myo band works by “using our proprietary EMG sensors…measures the electrical activity from your muscles to detect what gesture your hand is making. It also senses all of the motions and rotations of your hand and forearm through the 9-axis IMU.” It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, Android operating systems connected by a low-energy 4.0 Bluetooth connection. It can be configured to work with an array of devices independently, although functionality has not yet been implemented for a Myo armband to work with multiple devices consecutively. What’s cool is that one can develop applications that utilize two Myo armbands!

Thalmic Labs is really changing the game with their new armbands, they’re sure to be well received by both consumers and the enterprise, as wearable tech is a great way to bridge the gap between a user and their devices.
Feel free to email Thalmic Labs at with any inquiries you may have!