The Role of Custom Software Development in Multichannel Selling

How can custom software development in multichannel selling benefit your business and customers? As businesses move from physical storefronts to online applications, you must take advantage of customer software development. With good custom software development, your business can continue to grow. In addition, when you provide a superior product to existing and new customers you will excel.

Ease of Use

The first way that custom software development can improve your multichannel selling is through ease of use. Without custom software development for multichannel selling, you must go into each of your marketplaces and update each product’s individual information. If you add one product, making these changes can be tedious and time-consuming. What happens when you start a new line of products or when you change from your winter to your spring catalog? The time to update these products into multiple channels would be extremely time intensive. Fortunately, with custom software development, the change only needs to be made in one location and will automatically integrate into all your selling channels.

Growing Your Market

By having your products available in multichannel options, you reach more customers. When you only operate out of a storefront, you are limited to a 30-60-mile radius. Once you branch out to an online marketplace, you are exposing more people to your products. When you are in multiple marketplaces and available through your website and other apps, your products can become global. This opportunity greatly enhances your ability to expand your business and grow.

Seamless Experience

The next way that custom software development can improve your selling is by creating a seamless experience for your customers. The sales experience for your storefront customers should be the same experience for your phone buyers. By presenting the same options from every type of purchasing location, your customers will come to know what to expect.

Buying Options

To continue with the seamless experience, the buying options for your customers must be the same from channel to channel. If you only sell certain products to your storefront customers, your phone app customers can get confused, especially when those customers frequent both your storefront and your online store through your phone app. What frustrates your customers? They get frustrated when they can’t find what they are searching for. Customers become confused and frustrated when something is not available for them. Frustrated customers search for other sellers who present standard, upfront sales catalogs.

However, if there is a difference between what your customers can purchase online versus your storefront locations, your custom software must make that explicitly clear to your customers. For example, if you only sell large, heavy items at your storefront locations, make that known through your product search engine. Likewise, if you give discounts for storefront or online sales, be very clear with those messages to not turn off customers. While your customers might not like the fact that your services are different from one marketplace to the next, they will appreciate your upfront explanation.

Presenting the Same Face

The last way that custom software development in multichannel selling plays a significant role is through presenting the same face through all your sales points. If you are selling through multichannels such as a storefront, phone app, desktop/laptop website, tradeshows, and other online distribution options, you must present the same face to all channels. You can’t have one color scheme for your phone app and another for your main website. If your product isn’t consistent and distinctive, people won’t recognize your brand and think they’ve come to the wrong place. You don’t want your customers to leave. Your branding must stay the same no matter what format your customers encounter. Your logo, color, banner designs, and slogans all need to be consistent from one channel to the next.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are searching for ways to improve your online presence through custom software development, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase the satisfaction of your customers’ sales experience. In addition, custom software development will make your job easier by making product updates and changes integrated into all marketplaces.

Our custom software development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. If your business focuses on online marketing, then the team will incorporate systems to increase your sales rates, provide more consistent delivery of services or products, and reduce variances or tighten tolerance for errors. This makes us ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through our custom software development.

Don’t make custom application development complicated. If you want advice to guide you through the process and get the most out of your software, contact us. We are industry leaders. Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.