Sonos Supports Soundcloud!

It’s official, a Beta version of Soundcloud for Sonos is available for public use!

Soundcloud, the Berlin-based music sharing conglomerate, has paired with Sonos, the Santa Barbara-based home theater company. This gives Soundcloud the opportunity to literally be heard across even more platforms! Sonos already supports a number of services via its mobile application, but will now cater to Soundcloud’s 200 million registered users with its speaker systems-wirelessly, of course.


Before Soundcloud released their official Sonos service, a developer named Rahim had software running through Sonos application and sound system for Soundcloud and has since shut down his own service that had been running since 2012. He was doing it for free, as development and management of APIs is his hobby and he offered a great service to Sonos users everywhere!

When asked why he built the software, he answered:
“A few reasons. One, a ton of people have been wanting to listen to SoundCloud on their Sonos systems, and there hasn’t been a good way of doing that so far. Two, the Sonos systems are deeply interesting to me. Earlier this year, I explored how Sonos speakers talk to each other, this seemed like a natural next step. And lastly, I was recently contacted by a potential client asking if I could create a Sonos application for their popular music service. I figured, what better way to show them I’m up for the job than to write a Sonos application for another popular music service?”

Sonos’ hifi sound systems will surely get more ears for Soundcloud’s sounds, making new music more accessible than ever, and as each minute passes, more than 10 hours of music are uploaded to Soundcloud!