Twitter unfriends LinkedIn…whose next!

This morning we received the following correspondence from our good buddies (or so we think) at LinkedIn.  Looks like they just got dumped! It’s good to know that the concept of “unfriending” occurs even at the corporate level…hopefully with less tears and s&*% talking!

Twitter unfriends LinkedIn
Twitter unfriends LinkedIn
Hi Ayoka,
LinkedIn and Twitter have worked together since 2009 to enable you to share your professional conversations on both platforms. Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in third-party applications. Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.
We know that sharing updates from LinkedIn to Twitter is a valuable service for our members. Moving forward, you will still be able to share updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn.
How can I continue to share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter?Simply start your conversation on LinkedIn. Compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as before.
What changes can I expect to see on LinkedIn? Any conversation you start on Twitter will no longer be automatically shared with your LinkedIn network, even if you synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
If you would like more information about what this means for your synced LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, please visit our related Help Center topics.
Thank you,
The LinkedIn Team

Twitter unfriends LinkedIn - Dislike
Twitter unfriends LinkedIn – Dislike

Ok Facebook I think we are ready for y’all to create the dislike button!