Wal-Mart following in the footsteps of Netflix, gives consumers another choice for renting and buying videos

Below are some comments from Netflix’s Facebook page:

Jason Gross: “I will be searching for a new and cheaper streaming service now. The way you guys handled this was very poor. You didnt give any warning to your customers who loved your service. It seems your comapany is going the way of many large american corporations you decided to stick it to your customers for greed rather than service. Im through with you guys now.”

Charles Brown: “You have just over-priced yourself. I cannot afford to maintain my current level, and may opt to cancel my subscription altogether. Don’t get me wrong, I love your service, but it’s too expensive.”

Jennifer Randall: “Just got off the phone with a NF employee. He laughed at me when I told him I would be switching to someone else on Aug 28th. I told him he prob won’t be laughing when NF goes bankrupt and he’s out of job.”  (Four “likes” on this comment)