Watch Out Criminals…Google Glasses are Gonna Get You!

“Project Google Glass (sometimes referred to as “Project Glass“) is one of the most innovative feats the search Giant has undertaken. It is the idea of a wearable accessory (much like glasses) that will allow you to interact with your device and surroundings through augmented reality.” This

See video here.
This cybernetic eye-wear seems to be perfect for cops. The NYPD has already started using the glasses to have the ability to record audio/video during investigations or interactions with suspects or the public. However, this technology comes at a high price… so high the NYPD can only afford a few pairs. The hope is for the NYPD to develop their own glasses to pull up police records, warrants, etc. and distributing it internally.

Of course the civil liberty folks are in an uproar protecting criminals…shocking! Look I want a pair to protect me from everyone… criminals, sick people, mean people and the list continues! Google can you please lower the price so we can all feel protected!