5 Most Common Marketing Myths

Marketing isn’t always as simple as shooting fish in a barrel, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking care to look past marketing myths and finding truth in best practices can transform your company’s marketing efforts from unnoticeable and unstable to positive and generating returns.

1. Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Marketing – While word of mouth through consumers and employees does create a personable sense and offers real solutions to a lead, but it takes more than that to convert a lead to a client. Creating videos and compelling case studies that resonate with pain points and offer solutions while detailing how your company’s custom solutions solved the problems.

2. Marketing is an Art, Not A Science – Conversion metrics are taken and considered seriously in order to tailor approaches and recognize where efforts need to go. SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM) , Keywords, sharing, blogs, and everything in-between plays a crucial part in conversions that shows through numbers. The recording and evaluation of this data is constant and necessary since the needs of the audience is always changing.

3. Great Products Sell Themselves – In the enterprise great products do not sell themselves, but when coupled with great product marketing, your efforts can show potential leads what you have to offer, what pains your product solves, and what opportunities for growth their company could harness by becoming a client of yours.

4. Your Brand Can Evolve as Your Company Grows – Creating market awareness through SMM, SEO, blogs, and the like requires your company to create a name for itself along with a mission statement that will set you apart from everyone else. That branding will be seared into the minds of your potential leads and your clients for better or worse. Working with your chosen branding can retain loyalty and keep your company memorable as it grows.

5. Being The Leader or Being First Matters – Every company starts out as a fledgling in the market, but with consumer loyalty and consecutive success in achieving what it’s mission is will become what breaks a company away from the pack and offers insight into what being first is really about: innovation and success. Market timing and achieving the right product-market fit in order to be successful is more important and really brings leaders into the spotlight.

These are a few marketing myths, and there are many more to sift through, but seeing the truth in each of them and measuring how they can work to your company’s benefit is where you can find strength!