Android VS iPhone

The hot debate whether to use an Android or iPhone is evident. I’ve used both phones and still am debating which mobile phones are better. Below are my reviews:



  • Frequent updates if your phone is seen as a “HOT” phone to the wireless carrier
  • Fastest growing mobile operating system
  • Almost everything is connected to the cloud
  • Android on screen keyboard needs adjustment
  • Most apps are free
  • Google apps


  • Very fragmented because wireless providers cannot keep up with all the updates that they are responsible for
  • Almost every Android I’ve had, has frozed on me (I’ve had 4-5 Android phones)



  • Nice visual interface
  • Easy way to back-up your phone
  • Screen is extremely responsive
  • Typing is easy
  • More apps than Android
  • iPhones generally have better value resell wise
  • Unified
  • Not much lag compared to Android


  • Very delicate, one drop and your phone is cracked!
  • Updates take awhile to roll around
  • No physical keyboard  (I use Androids with a physical keyboard)

Right now, I’m still using a Android, a Droid Pro to be more specific because of the physical front facing keyword with a touchscreen. My favorite phone till this day is still my Nokia e71 with Symbian OS. Why? Before I got Internet on my phone, I only used it for texting, music, and calls. This phone did all three without any problems! And very intelligent during that time. I texted lightning fast with that phone. Remember when life just so simple and you were happy with your feature phone?

As you may all know, phones with Symbian barely exist and Nokia is holding onto their last grasp on the mobile technology industry.