Google vs. Facebook, Pioneers of the Future!

We’re well aware that Google has taken the initiative to popularizing and bringing us consumers the most relevant and state-of-the art technologies-including robotics and artificial intelligence. Google bought DeepMind, the UK company with the goal of making computers that think more humanistically, for $500 million. Now they have acquired Titan Aerospace and plan to utilize its products and services to shower the world in Internet access with high-altitude flying drones. During the acquisition of Titan Aerospace, Google ran into another company that has also been buying up technologies, like Oculus Rift, and has been making plans to implement their newly acquired products and services to further interpersonal relations-that company is Facebook.

So in the left corner, we have Google – and in the right corner, Facebook. These pioneers of the future have kept an ear to the ground for new start-ups and products that will fit their needs – and buying them up! Google just took a big step by buying Nest for $3.2 billion, the company that furthers the idea of the “Connected Home” by giving the user complete control of appliances like the thermostats and smoke detectors remotely, which is now available in stores. Meanwhile Facebook has been acquiring applications like WhatsApp (for $19 billion) and Instagram (meager, in comparison to WhatsApp, for $1 billion) to keep up with the applications that will bring users-and revenue.

Who will win the title of “Pioneer in Tech” and other commendations that link the company to changing the world!? Let’s keep reading and watching-and don’t forget that what you do as a consumer really matters in the long run!