Obama v. Romney: WIFT (What’s in It For Technology)?

As election day gets closer, and the political pomp and circumstance gets more intense, I started to wonder…WIFT ((What’s in It For Technology)? Which candidate has the potential to make the  greatest impact (good or bad) on the field of technology? So over the next couple of weeks, I will give you a blow by blow of the issues, the math, the  reality and the analysis!  So let’s get her done…starting with Cybersecurity…don’t close your browser, I haven’t gotten all your personal information yet 😉

Ok, before we dive into the blow by blow, let’s establish a general, and forgive me,  generic platform for each candidate when it comes to decision making.  I have created a simple formula for typically how both candidate’s want decisions to be made:

Obama =  Democrat = National Level

Romney = Republican = State (local) Level

Ok, back to the blow by blow…this time let’s see if our math adds up!

Round 1: Cybersecurity

The Issue:

Cyberwhat?  Aren’t “they” already watching everything “we” do on the internets (this is not an sp!)?  What more security could we need?  Sounds scary right?  Not really, and for most people, their is nothing to fear…except fear itself 😉  The cybersecurity issue is primarily geared at the private sector, however, we will all be impacted, that is if you have something to “hide”.   The question for the private sector is, should we have to (read “by law! ”  ) share information with the US government, to help the U.S government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks against cyberattack?  The question for the rest of us is twofold , yo Mr. Private Company, why the hell are you “sharing” my information with the government…are they “spying” on me?

The Math:

Cybersecurity = National Level Security Issue

Obama =  Democrat = National Level = Yes on Cybersecurity

Romney = Republican = State Level = No on Cybersecurity

The Reality:

Obama = Yes

Romney = Yes

The Analysis:

Cybersecurity is not in itself a partisan issue. Both Obama and Romney  agree that the threat is real and that current policies are not sufficient. They are both keeping their eyes on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection bill that that cleared the U.S. House of Representatives in April and the impact it may have  on Internet users’ privacy and civil liberties.  Basically the bill is being pitched as a way to put the kabosh on China, Russia and Iran, some of the countries that are posing the greatest cyber-threats to the US.  But once you get past this tried and true PR tactic to get bills passed, you will hear the sound of ringing…answer…it is Big Brother calling and he already HAS your number 😉