SEO Tips

SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming a larger and larger trend for businesses who want to increase their Internet presence. When I first began researching about SEO, it was pretty hard finding a decent article discussing how to optimize your website, mostly spam websites were listed in the search queries. SEO and SEM Manager positions are one of the most fastest growing positions in the nation.

Today, I will discuss how to optimize your website. As I took classes on Internet Marketing and learning at Ayoka, I’ve gained a great insight on SEM (search engine marketing)/ SEO. Everybody wants to be on top on the searches. Are you?

For the Ayoka website, we did a great deal of research of keywords for every page that was created! We didn’t just make stuff up for the sake of it, we wanted pages that will actually reach our potential customers.

Below are my SEO Tips:

  1. It’s very important to do custom meta tags, which includes descriptions, keywords, titles, and ALT tags for each page of your website.  Also, use the Google keyword tool and based on that, write your keywords accordingly.
  2. Focus on some keywords on your page and repeat them 3-5 times for 200-300 words, which equals keyword density. Don’t overwrite, your audience isn’t looking to read an essay. People’s attention span is about 5 seconds for the web.
  3. Have a couple of pictures that deal with your content. Pictures always gets someone’s attention. Remember the ALT tag too.
  4. Have a good amount of back links that link to your site.
  5. Do competitive research. Use and to see who your competitors are, what keywords they use, and the number of back links they have to be on top of the search engine queries.
  6. SEO is not a once of a year deal. You have to update your website weekly to move up. Google’s search query algorithm now includes how often you update your website!
  7. Very important to know who your target audience are. Men or women? Your average joe or educated IT manager? Age? You must know your demographics, so that the  lingo connects to the viewer.

Hope this helps to all the people that are frustrated with SEO.