[PRESS] Ayoka Systems Visits UTA Association for Computing Machinery

Ayoka Systems Visits UTA Association for Computing Machinery

Arlington, TX – October 22, 2015 – Ayoka Systems visited the University of Texas at Arlington to speak with members of the Association for Computing Machinery. ACM is the largest education and scientific computing society, and its UTA charter focuses on helping computer science and engineering students excel in both studies and post-graduation work.

Ayoka Systems, a custom software development company based in Arlington, TX, offered valuable industry knowledge to UTA students attending the ACM workshop. Bradley Faught, a lead developer for Ayoka, talked to the attendees about the importance of gaining experience in emerging technologies to get ahead in the competitive world of computer programming.

“There’s a unique and ideal formula for every project. As a developer, your goal is not to manipulate the goal to fit your most proficient languages; it’s to make coding decisions based on what makes the most sense for the end goal.” Faught, Ayoka Systems

After getting a lesson in coding languages and frameworks currently considered “hot” in today’s industry, students got the opportunity to ask Ayoka questions to aid them in their journey into a professional career in technology. Among questions more serious in nature, one student asked about which projects of late have been the most fun to work on. Ayoka revealed their well-rounded client base with their answer.

“Two projects come to mind. We created an Uber clone for a local black car service company. It was a great project because we helped a local business adapt and compete with the times, allowing them to flourish in a time when taxi and black car services are closing their doors.” Faught, Ayoka Systems

The second project spoke of aiding healthcare professionals better serve patients by creating a system in which communication and information is more easily accessible.

UTA’s Association of Computing Machinery can be found on Facebook for organization information. Ayoka Systems, can be found at ayokasystems.com.

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