Custom Ajax Applications

Ayoka’s custom web and software developers use Ajax (shorthand for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to help web applications become more interactive or help a web design to look more like a desktop application. This results in websites that are easier to use. In addition, the use of Ajax can allow businesses that are looking for custom web development services to create or improve a custom enterprise application to develop a more responsive system capable of exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scene. This technique can save multiple mouse clicks or make the website faster without having to reload the entire web page each time the user makes a change.

Here are some examples of how Ajax can work to improve your web browser:

  1. Dynamically update the totals on your shopping cart without forcing the user to click Update and wait for the server to resend the entire page.
  2. Automatically present suggestions – e.g. users who viewed this item also viewed…
  3. Faster web pages – reduce the amount of data sent over the internet by not having to reload the entire web page. For example, if a customer clicks Next on a paginated list, Ajax allows you to just refresh the list with the server data, instead of redrawing the entire page.
  4. Reduce submit buttons – information can be validated with the database as the user types. This can also support auto-complete or type ahead features.

Click here for more technical information about Ajax.

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