Ayoka, a Javascript development company, recognizes the power of the storied programming language. Originally conceived for Netscape Communications and its now forgotten Netscape Navigator browser, it’s since evolved into one of three essential technologies of World Wide Web production, accompanied by HTML and CSS. Javascript is considered an industry standard. Ecma International, is a non-profit organization which provides standards for information and communication systems recognizes Javascript and its brother ECMAScript as premier scripting languages.

Javascript Uses

Javascript is a multi-paradigm programming languages. Because of its support for many programming styles (object-oriented, imperative, and functional), Javascript is supported by all major web browsers without the use of plugins, allowing for a standard language coders can count on. In addition to its uses online, Javascript’s well-rounded nature allows for implementation in non-web-based environments including mobile games, desktop widgets, and PDF documents.

Javascript Advantages

  • Client Side Execution: Javascript code is executed on the user’s computer instead of a web server. This offers many advantages. Bandwidth and strain is saved from the web server, and it is quickly executed for the end user. On server-side programming the user sends a request to the server, and the server responds after processing the data. Speed comes from virtually instant execution from the user side.
  • Increased Web Page Functionality: Simply put, Javascript can run just about anything on a web browser, giving them the functionality of desktop applications. This ability alone thrusts Javascript ahead of the rest as the possibilities individual developers can create is virtually endless.

Hiring a Javascript development company should definitely be considered when creating any type of website or web application. Javascript offers standardization, speed, and increased functionality that is unrivaled.

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