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Experience in delivering PostgreSQL development services enables Ayoka to enhance our customers application environment with innovative database technologies. When it comes to an open source database, PostgreSQL is well known among the developer community, but less know to business users. PostgreSQL is recognized as very powerful, secure, reliable, scalable, and cross platform compatible, allowing it to integrate with a wide range of web application frameworks (e.g. .net, python, java), as well as mobile apps. Currently it sits in fifth place in DB Engines rankings (http://db-engines.com/en/ranking), based on its transaction reliability and is considred an ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliant database which offers a broad set of features.

Before the release of PostgreSQL 8.1 nearly 10 years ago, Postgres used to be a more complicated and slow performing database. Starting from PostgreSQL 8.1, it started offering performance improvements, particularly in scalability. PostgreSQL as of now (9.4) offers
highly regarded stability, reliability, security and ease of administration compared to commercial databases. With the use of multiple row data storage strategy called MVCC (Multi View Concurrency Control), it makes postgresql extremely responsive in high volume environments.

Some of the notable features that postgres offers are: ACID compliant, Rules, Referential Integrity, Replication support, Triggers, Unicode, Joins, Sub-Selects, Stored Procedures, Native SSL Support, Procedural Languages, Indexes, ANSI SQL Compliant, Spatial data support, multiple NoSQL like features for document (JSON), etc. Other features like Sequences, Inheritance, and OpenAPI are few features that you can not find in the commercial database like MS SQL Server. By default PostgreSQL offers database compression which you have to pay large fees for SQL Server and is only available in SQL Server Enterprise edition.

As of now postgres offers best of both NoSQL and RDBMS worlds. It supports the JSON datatype and also supports indexing of the subfields of a JSON document. PostgreSQL has wide variety of GUI tools for administering PostgreSQL and a popular set of extensions (http://railsware.com/blog//2012/04/23/postgresql-most-useful-extensions/). If you want to use custom languages (python, ruby, R, V8) inside your database, postgres supports it.

PostgreSQL provides a very capable and cost effective solution. Some of the high profile companies using PostgreSQL database in their production environment are: IMDB (The Internet Movie DataBase), SourceForge, NOAA, Research in Motion, Fujitsu, Apple, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Skype, NTT Data, Shannon Medical Center, Trust-Commerce, whitepages etc.

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