Ayoka is a leading Ruby on Rails Software Development and JRuby Software Development Firm providing custom software development solutions to a variety of business needs.

Ayoka’s core competency is providing Ruby on Rails (RoR) software development, JRuby software development, and service oriented architecture (SOA) software development services and solutions. In addition, Ayoka provides enterprise software development services for enterprise frameworks developed using custom software development methods right here in America. Ayoka provides enterprise level custom software development services for businesses seeking local software development as an alternative to offshore software development.

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  • Ayoka has provided clients throughout the United States from various business sectors with industry-standard, cost effective IT solutions. Our JRuby and ROR Software Development case studies document, details a few of our success stories.
  • Ayoka’s RoR software development and JRuby software development techniques build on enterprise software development experience, which involves:
  • Real-time or face-to-face client communication
  • Iterative approach to software development – build small releases
  • Combine with SOA (service oriented architecture) for flexible code
  • Bullpen team structure
  • Adaptive as opposed to predictive methods

Ruby on Rails Development Firm

Beyond other programming languages such as .NET, J2EE and PHP, Ayoka is experienced with Ruby on Rails (RoR) software development and JRuby software development. Ruby on Rails software development and JRuby software development offer clients an open source framework that fits into a Service Oriented Architecture and accelerates the enterprise software development process, thereby substantially lowering the cost of custom software development for our clients.

The Ruby on Rails software development framework offers significant advantages over other methods of data-driven application development including:

  • Support for Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture
  • SOA-like integration with enterprise systems
  • Convention over configuration framework simplifies data management
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY model based on Ruby’s inherent ability to provide Domain specific languages
  • MVC (model view controller) design pattern
  • Built in testing at every level
  • Capistrano / ActiveRecord migration
  • Ajax support in any framework; runs on any Unix open source platform

Ruby on Rails software development defines the database model in one place and follow a convention for database table names; this supports data driven application development and reduces the amount of code that software developers must write. When combined with a service oriented architecture strategy, ruby on rails software development and JRuby software development allow enterprises to integrate legacy software applications. SOA supports integration and consolidation within a variety of enterprise systems with Ruby on Rails providing the common composite application. Another advantage of Ruby on Rails software development is the ability to add methods to a class or instance of a class at runtime. This ability to assign varying actions cut downtime often associated with the compilation, deployment and restarting of enterprise systems following Web site upgrades (e.g. Capistrano).

Since Ruby on Rails software development provides a single language across the entire domain model greater focus on syntax and semantics can be achieved during software development and requires less coding. Ruby on Rails software development incorporates a significant Ajax library, which can be leveraged in the development of so-called Web 2.0 interactive designs that offer simpler user interfaces.

Among the industries served through Ayoka’s Ruby on Rails software development solutions are:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Advertising agencies
  • Internet marketing solutions

Ayoka’s intent is to be the American (onshore) alternative for custom software development, especially for Ruby on Rails software development and JRuby software development. The Ayoka business model creates a custom software development environment that instills confidence, work ethic, and creativity, while providing enterprise software development services to Fortune 1000 companies right here on our soil. This keeps America competitive both in education and on the global technology front.

In addition to our staff of senior architects and designers, Ayoka’s university relations provides experienced Masters and PhD candidates with expertise in Ruby on Rails software development, JRuby software development and enterprise software development.

Contact our Ruby on Rails software development firm today to discuss Ruby on Rails software development, JRuby software development, service oriented architecture software development, or custom software development services. Our Ayoka custom software development team is available for a complimentary custom software development consultation, through e-mail or the provided contact form.

Ayoka is a Made in USA enterprise application services company with one clear objective: delivering the best customer service to all of our clients.  Ayoka’s commitment to Made in USA custom software development ensures that our client’s culture is understood, objectives are clearly communicated and allows us to provide tangible advice to our clients that are building custom enterprise applications that are essential to operating their modern business.

Ayoka’s custom software development culture combines the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up company with the confidence and stability of a successful professional services firm. Our vision is to become the ONLY choice for affordable enterprise software development and custom software development in AMERICA. We are proud of our consistent track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget. We strive to provide custom software development projects that make our clients money. Get in touch today to see how Ayoka’s services can benefit your company.