Ayoka Brings Evidence to Enterprise

Evidence-based management takes cues from ‘evidence’ that properly illustrate the impact that the software is having on the market it’s being released in, keeping its users and its competitors in scope, and reflecting the value the software brings to the company. With evidence at hand, revision and optimization of a company’s practices will positively influence any company’s value. From initial creation through dissemination and archiving, Ayoka provides integrated, enterprise-wide evidence-based management services that identify and diagnose organizational compatibility with proposed implementations and updates by analyzing current processes and the value of implementation with consideration of opportunity costs.

After requirements have been gathered for the business intelligence application, we draft a Detailed Design Document that shows the client how the application will look and behave. At this point, we obtain feedback to determine whether we have satisfied the business goals – and if we haven’t, we go back to the drawing board until we have. At Ayoka, client satisfaction is our number one priority. Once our client has accepted the detailed design document, we begin construction of the business intelligence application. If desired, we can schedule interim releases and demonstrations so that the client may view our progress and actually begin using the application.

Consultation and analysis of legacy assets and architectureWe offer a broad spectrum of services that we tailor to your exact needs including:

By enhancing the decision making process with better information accumulated through evidence-based management, small businesses are more likely to improve customer service, increase their profits and thus have room to expand. Ayoka’s evidence-based management services have helped our clients across many diverse industries, from manufacturing to health care, to develop a range of evidence-based business analytics solutions tailored to their business. In many cases, supplying data for evidence-based management does not require any hardware or expensive upgrades-data can be collected through applications that operate in-line with business operations, such as hardware integration or PLC integration. The New York Times points out that “the growing pile of studies on the human and financial costs of employee disengagement, management distrust, poor group dynamics, faulty incentive schemes and other preventable damage suggests a need for an evidence-based management movement.”Today’s enterprises need to sort through numerous choices, make decisions quickly and accurately, and act decisively. Ayoka is ready to help by offering our unique application development approach that involves hands-on, in-person collaboration, combined with application development and experience developing evidence-based solutions to help transition our clients’ businesses into more effective enterprises. Ayoka’s evidence-based management solutions can ensure that your company is making the right moves, at the right times, for the right reasons.