Keep Your Business Unique with Custom Programming

If you read Ayoka’s blog on a regular basis, you know that we’re in the custom programming business for a reason. Our clients come to us because standardized software simply isn’t supporting their organization. When a company is trying to innovate or operate more efficiently, being forced into the “typical user” box may mean sacrificing productivity and business opportunities. For example, packaged software may add unnecessary steps to a workflow, fail to integrate with existing company-specific apps, or lack features that support business growth. That’s not how it should be.

Software Must Enable Best Business Practices

Chad King, Software Development Services Manager at Ayoka, offers this opinion. “I used to think that if off-the-shelf software would do a ‘good enough’ job, it wasn’t worth the time and resources to do customization. But I’ve seen too many organizations struggle with the inefficiency of bending their business to meet the capabilities of available software. I believe it should be the other way around. Software should bend to fully meet the needs of business.”

Creating something new from the ground up means getting more of what you need and less of what you don’t need. Of course, key benefits like scalability, compatibility, and ongoing support are built in to meet your requirements as well. We make it our goal to ensure that your custom application makes your business more flexible in the face of change—not less. To schedule a consultation, call 817-210-4042.