Custom Software Solutions & Supply Chain Optimization


Today’s technologies offer solutions to quickly streamline supply chain management processes with custom software development and the standardization of the shipment of goods to optimize manufacturing jobs, reducing scrap and error while increasing efficiency.

Inefficient Processes Lead to Product Overstock

The paradigm of increasing congestion among logistics solutions like railways, highways, and port shipping, calls for a reevaluation of existing processes that get products out of the warehouse and to consumers. Inefficient processes directly influence supply chains, leading to an increase in both inventory and warehousing costs. Product overstock results in lower demand-and lowering of prices-in order to manage potential marginal loss.

Boost Productivity with Custom Software

Reducing the time needed to communicate and deliver a product can double the productivity of both labor of working capital. The foundation of an optimal warehouse management solution begins in its database, which can manage information from devices in the warehouse network integrated with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) systems communication functionalities, like RFID scanners that can be attached to machinery and operators’ PCs, allowing managers to download purchase orders and accurately account for inventory levels. Accessibility to this data gives sales and inventory-level managers a sense of product demands in real-time, reducing the effects of congestion within the supply chain. These software-based warehouse management systems ultimately offer cost savings for both labor and warehouse space while offering improving the accuracy of operations, orders, and audits.

Today’s custom software development costs have dropped considerable with the maturity of open-source software and database solutions, leading to broader adoption in the industrial automation environment. At Ayoka, our enterprise application development services offer understanding and experience in a local, Made in USA, business model that emphasizes collaboration and hands-on care for our customers.