Four Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Software Blog

While WordPress is a very powerful publishing platform all on its own, if you combine it with just a few of the thousands of available plugins out there today, and WordPress becomes even more powerful. Here is a list of essential WordPress plugins that are easy to use and cut down on development time. Check out the rest of our site to see all of these plugins in use.

  1. Breadcrumb NavXT – Allows you to easily add breadcrumbs to improve your site’s usability. Includes an admin interface so you can easily customize the look and feel of the breadcrumbs.
  2. cforms – This plugin allows you to easily create form templates for use throughout your website. Features include form backup & restore, AJAX support, a database tracking interface so you can manage contacts and much more.
  3. ColorCoder – This plugin allows you to insert code snippets to your posts with easy-to-read syntax using highlighting powered by GeSHi library.
  4. PS Auto Sitemap – This plugin automatically creates a sitemap for your site. It is easy to install and configure. Supports exclusion of single pages and comes with CSS skins you can select from. In addition, you can use CSS to further customize the look & feel.