Integrate RFID, Build Custom RFID Software

With the dropping costs of designing, printing, and reading the integrated circuits, it has never been more compelling to replace older barcode technologies with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

The benefits of RFID are especially apparent in warehouses, data centers, and shipping centers where expensive equipment or large pallets are constantly shuffled around and need to be tracked in real time.

The benefit of RFID is that not only can you identify the component you are interested in with its serial number, but you can also constantly track its movements. Taking this a level further, if the employees moving the equipment are also wearing a tag identifying them then you can capture that data and have a complete history of who made what changes. All this data is invaluable to Asset Management systems and allows for building a powerful business intelligence solution, and at Ayoka we have proven track record of integrating RFID technologies with enterprise management and business intelligence solutions.

Other interesting aspects or areas where RFID can help automate your business include authorization to secure entry ways and gates, automatic login (or two phase login) to secure enterprise applications and systems, membership passes for gyms and other members-only facilities, and so on.