Swift Development Services

Swift Development Services Set to Take Off

It looks like Apple is making a grab for even more mobile app mindshare with Swift. Development services centered on the innovative, open source iOS programming language are expected to be in increasing demand for 2016 and beyond. During the early release stages of this new language, Cade Metz at Wired predicted very rapid adoption for Swift, saying it is, “…a significant improvement over Objective-C—in many respects—and this means the already enormous community of iPhone and iPad developers are sure to embrace the new language in the months to come.”

Apple does have a good track record for ensuring that the community keeps up with the latest upgrades. In fact, more than 80% of users are on the most recent version of iOS8 compared to less than 15% for Android. Swift is expected to achieve a great deal of popularity in short order as developers jump at the chance to finally have an alternative to Objective-C. Generics and inferred typing are big time savers for developers, and the ease of learning the language removes a significant barrier.

What about the code itself?

According to Cade, “It compiles quickly, transforming from raw code into an executable software app, and then that app executes quickly, meaning it runs on your phone or tablet at high speed.” When iOS9 is available, the ability to develop contextual apps in Swift for iPhones and iPads will be added to the mix. At the same time, Apple is playing to an enterprise audience very heavily with an emphasis on security and reliability.

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