7 Industries that Benefit from Custom Web Design

Many organizations believe that custom web design is too expensive and too complicated to manage. Depending on the familiarity of your team members with coding and design, it might be easier to find experts to handle the heavy lifting for you. While every business in the world can benefit from having a strong website, there are 7 industries and types of businesses that would benefit immensely from creating and maintaining a custom web design.

Custom Web Design Industry #1: Travel Companies

The first industry that can benefit from custom web design programming is the travel industry. Gone are the days when families visit travel agents to plan trips. In the age of instant gratification, customers sit down at their computer and begin to plan a vacation. While services like Travelocity, Kayak, and others provide ways of narrowing down travel packages, your web presence matters. No matter what part of the travel industry your business is a part of, consider how an attractively-designed website can be used to showcase the destinations and accommodations you service.

Industry #2: Construction

A second industry that needs to invest in custom web design is the construction industry. Finding a construction company and running one can be challenging. Why not make things smoother for people on both sides of the line? All construction companies are not created equal, but how can customers tell a good company from a bad one? When your company invests in a custom website, it’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Unlike a phone book or text listing, your website provides a place to showcase what makes your company different from the rest. Images of previous work and ongoing customer reviews can provide a window into the quality of your work. Additionally, websites are available when your team isn’t. Customers have an easy way to contact your team by phone, by email, or by social media.

Custom Web Design Industry #3: Retail Sales

A third type of business that can benefit from custom web design is especially timely for the holidays: retail sales. No matter what kind of product your team is selling, creating a website will improve what customers can do. Building a successful eCommerce website allows customers to view products, purchase, and review your goods in real time. Additionally, your website can be designed to allow customers to contact your team quickly and easily to learn more about products and complete purchases or returns as needed.

Industry #4: Restaurants

A fourth kind of business that requires websites are restaurants. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that food delivery can be a godsend–especially when a public health situation demands that we hunker down at home. When your restaurant has a strong web presence, potential guests will be able to research your menu well ahead of time. Similarly, restaurants with strong web designs are often active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, tech-savvy restaurants can earn stronger followings on food delivery platforms like UberEats, DoorDash, Favor, and Postmates.

Industry #5: Creative Fields

A fifth industry that requires a custom web design package is the most unique of them all: the creative fields. Over the last several years, customized creative workers like painters, graphic designers, writers, and other niche professions are highly competitive. Creative professionals must use their websites as portfolios–showcasing previously created work and showing off who they are. Customers in the market for creative work want to understand what sets one professional apart from others. Intentional web design features can create a seamless process.

Industry #6: Technology

The sixth kind of business that requires a strong web presence is technology companies. It might seem strange, but many technology companies have great products but a lackluster web design. When a technology company has a weak web presence, it seems to be a disconnect. Utilizing a custom web design team like those at Ayoka Systems can provide a unique design to suit the overall message of your company. Using your custom designed website as a gateway to your products will really show customers what they can expect from you and your team. Additionally, using your website as a communication and a marketing tool can pay immense dividends towards enhancing your overall market share.

Industry #7: Small Businesses of All Kinds

The seventh kind of business that benefits from custom web design is the small business. When it comes to small businesses, many of the techniques that we’ve already discussed can be applied here. Since small businesses have fewer employees, it often means that the entire team is wearing several hats. As a result, contracting with a company like Ayoka Systems can make the entire process of creating, managing, and marketing your website easy. Hiring the right experts can simplify the entire process on an ongoing basis.

Ayoka Systems: Custom Web Design

While your business industry might not have been mentioned above, there’s only one thing stopping you from having a great web design: taking the first step. The first step involves contacting Ayoka Systems. At Ayoka Systems, we employ seasoned professionals who understand the uniqueness of your business. When you’re prepared to put your best web presence out there, contact our team right away!