Database Development Projects

Database development projects often focus on the following three components:


Any database can store data, but only well-designed databases can efficiently disseminate the information to improve operations and decision-making processes. Putting enterprise-wide data into a database makes it possible for advanced technologies such as analytics or artificial intelligence. It also establishes a single source of truth for reliable insights.

Desktop/Web Application

Applications are the best way to access data. They can be designed to help with database management or deliver specific results to a desktop or web application. Building secure applications ensures that only authorized personnel have access to critical information because nothing is more valuable than a company's data.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps can deliver the same information to a smartphone. Or, they can be built to deliver a totally different experience. Making data mobile-friendly means accessing information anywhere a phone goes. This capability simplifies operations for those who work remotely.

Database Solutions

Delivering database solutions encompasses a range of services such as data mining, integration, and migration. At Ayoka, our teams use their expertise to deliver the following solutions.

Custom Database Design

Every organization and its data are unique, and the best database solutions should be customized to leverage that uniqueness. Creating custom database software ensures that crucial data is available to promote business goals and facilitate business growth. Well-designed database architecture provides reliability for applications that depend on the data.

Data Mining and Transformation

There is no shortage of information, but not all data is created equal. That's why it is essential to work with database experts who know how to find high-quality data to support business growth. Extracting the best data from the volume of data that flows through an enterprise is challenging. Cleaning, mining, and transforming data can be time-consuming unless automated processes are in place. We work with clients to improve data mining and transformational operations through automation.

Database Application Development

Application development means listening to business objectives and needs. Unless developers understand what data is needed and why, they struggle to find high-quality data or deliver the needed insights in usable formats. Our teams work closely with clients to ensure that business objectives are met at every step along the way, making adjustments as early in the development process as possible to reduce development costs.

Data Integration & Migration

Data integration and migration enable the right information to get to the right people at the right time. Data integration provides consistency across data collection platforms and consolidates protocols for efficient transfer of data. Sometimes, outdated systems need replacing, but moving the data can be time-consuming. With automated processes, we can migrate data from old systems to new databases that work with more secure applications, ensuring that data integrity and safety are maintained.

Database Applications

Our clients and solutions cover multiple industries and functional units, such as:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Memberships
  • Inventory
  • Equipment Performance
  • Real Estate
  • Employees
  • Recruitment
  • Images
  • Healthcare

Tailoring database solutions to meet specific needs makes the results targeted and impactful. Fewer resources are consumed because the best data is readily accessible, making for clearer insights. Whether it's customer service or employee experience, the database should conform to the application because one size does not fit all.

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6 Phase Methodology


We will have a kick-off meeting to review the scope, business objectives and overall mission driving the project. The client will provide an initial overview of their users, current operations, and any available documentation outlining current business processes. Together, we will develop a communications plan identifying the format, frequency and distribution of status reports... as well as the format, frequency, location and attendees of future meetings.


We will gather, develop and document the client's business requirements in order to determine the system architecture best suited to each client. During design meetings, we will work together with the client to develop all necessary design notes. As applicable, we will design the user interfaces, use cases, database design and integration methods within the technical constraints of the system architecture and client’s IT environment.


We will develop the application based on the design phase output. The build phase will be dynamic and collaborative, utilizing agile development, to ensure business requirements are met. Applications are typically delivered in multiple releases onto the client-furnished IT environment.


We will demonstrate basic operation of the application, making sure the client is comfortable their requirements have been met. After the demonstration, we will deploy the application onto the client's infrastructure where the client may begin testing the application. The test phase will conclude two weeks after delivery of the application.


We will integrate the user-tested code, put it into an executable format, and finalize the application for delivery. The complete source code will be delivered to the client upon completion of the releases, user acceptance testing and final payment.


We will deploy the application to a client-furnished, production environment which will include both staging and production capabilities. Ongoing application management is optional and available under a separate agreement.

Database Services

Ayoka provides database software consulting and development to ensure that the resulting solution meets client needs.

Database Software Consulting

Effective database solutions are critical to moving an enterprise forward. Developers and designers access existing infrastructures to determine the best solution. The process may involve a clean database migration, or it may require a newly architected database that integrates with a range of applications. Whether it is a relational, network, or object-oriented database, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to deliver the right solution.

Database Software Development

Database software development means designing and building a solution that meets business goals. The software may be a web, mobile, or desktop application. The project may range from a single application to an enterprise-wide solution. No matter the application, a solid and secure database is essential. Without a reliable database structure, analytics becomes inefficient, and machine learning is less effective.

Database Types

We support both relational and non-relational databases as listed below:

  • MS Access and SQL Server (Microsoft relational databases)
  • MySQL (Java relational database)
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL (object-oriented relational database)
  • Oracle, MongoDB, and other NoSQL database solutions

Our database experts can help identify the most cost-effective options for your needs.

Our Commitment

Protecting a company's data is central to maintaining its competitive advantage. That's why we are committed to delivering solutions that provide:

  • Data Consistency and Safety
  • Swift Response Times
  • Sleek User Experiences
  • Reliable Integration
  • Ongoing Support

We are also committed to delivering solutions that can scale as a business grows.

How We Can Help

Ayoka is a database development company that designs and implements solid database solutions to help leverage data visibility, transparency, and consistency. We rely on mature quality management and guarantee that cooperation doesn't pose any risks to data security. Our solutions improve existing database software solutions and help organizations gather, organize, and use critical data.

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Database Development Services

Database Software Consulting
  • Define database functionality and tech stack
  • Develop a business case
  • Estimate solution ROI
  • Design database architecture for high performance, security and scalability
  • Deliver UX/UI mockups
  • Provide a project management and implementation scenario, project cost and time estimates
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Full-Cycle Database Software Development
  • Solution consulting and planning
  • Database, web and mobile app development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • User training
  • After-launch support
  • Continuous software management
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Frequently Asked Questions

This issue is common, and it’s also time consuming. We can verify processes with you, and we can improve on them by creating custom software that consolidates and simplifies process steps.

Manual tasks usually take longer, and they leave more room for error. Where possible, we can automate tasks that reduce turnaround time, and minimize waste.

Most industries have to be in compliance with one or more data privacy laws. We can create custom software that ensures your business is in compliance with all current data regulations. This includes future updates as regulations change.

It’s our job to understand new technology trends. We can then evaluate how a legacy system can be updated to improve efficiency. Where possible, we can modify existing systems, or we can also create a new custom software solution.

Systems and technology are constantly changing. Where possible, we can evaluate a current system to understand if it’s a candidate for improvement or integration. We also create custom software solutions that are designed to change as your business changes and grows.

It’s common for businesses to continue using software that has worked well for them. However, it’s also important to be open to how a different software solution can improve processes, reduce task time, costs, and waste. At Ayoka, it’s our job to work with you so that you understand the software solutions that could help improve your business.