A Beginner’s Guide to Design-Build-Manage Services With Ayoka


When new challenges arrive in the market without warning, it can be a tumultuous time for a business. Regardless of size, almost all businesses have experienced some level of disruption with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Ayoka Systems’ Design-Build-Manage Services can work through these challenges to create positive opportunities for your business.

If a big or small change is coming to your business, you will want to avoid designing an application that may become problematic in the future. Systems that increase total cost of ownership, have limited integration potential, and may become obsolete sooner will hinder your business’ growth potential.

You will also want to make sure your new applications are built by people with relevant experience. At Ayoka Systems, we have programmers who are well-versed in the following languages and capabilities:

  1. .NET (C+, C, ASP)
  2. Adobe Flex/Air
  3. Java (Struts, Spring, Hibernate)
  4. Asterisk, IVR, VOIP
  5. Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  6. Control Systems and Automation
  7. AJAX
  8. SQL Server Integration Services
  9. Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

After our skilled designers and programmers create your application, we will also provide ongoing system maintenance and management. This continuous support will make sure the application you chose is operating optimally.

Let’s take a closer look at our Design-Build-Manage Services:


Ayoka Systems offers hands-on interaction with our Design-Build-Manage services. This approach will provide you with customized software or applications that will meet your goals. Using off-the-shelf software suites may turn out to be more costly in the long run when they become either obsolete or need to be upgraded. Our collaborative approach will draw from our diverse industry experience to make sure your product suits your needs. We will explore open-source alternatives to reduce your cost of ownership. Additionally, we will include scalability to accommodate your growth pace. Scalability will help to ensure you do not have to retrace your steps and start over again in finding new software when your business grows.


After our team has fully designed the application you want, we get to work on building a program that will give you a competitive advantage. The custom programming will open up new opportunities, allow you to run your company more effectively, and deliver higher-quality services to your customers. This custom software will have a lower cost of ownership over time.

Our approach will involve utilizing industry-specific standards and applications. After your design is complete, it will go through an iterative development process to reduce vulnerabilities, lower cost, and increase efficiency.

When we build your application, there will be a faster time-to-market for in-house customer-facing services.

Your custom software suite will also integrate with your current platforms and applications. Improved integration will lower IT costs and avoid decreasing productivity.


Quality custom software will require continuous monitoring for both optimization and security. When it comes to security, Ayoka Systems recognizes that as more businesses increase their online presence, there will be an increase in cyberattacks.

There are a variety of cyberattacks that can leave your business vulnerable. Ayoka Systems’ team of engineers is highly experienced in keeping up-to-date with current cybersecurity trends and threats. An example of a vulnerability is an SQL Injection Attack. These breaches can result in the loss of millions of dollars over time, and can seriously harm your business’s credibility.

Part of our software maintenance includes performing audits or penetration tests to find weaknesses in your software and databases. After performing our audits, we will notify you and work to remedy those vulnerabilities. Internal IT staff may not always have the time to develop custom software to address new issues. However, Ayoka Systems will be able to provide support. Additionally, Ayoka Systems’ IT staff may have skill-sets and experiences that an internal IT team may not have.

Maintenance Hours

Another part of our management solution involves providing clients an opportunity to purchase a specific number of “maintenance hours” per month. Unused hours will roll over to subsequent months. These hours will allow your employees to input bug reports or issues that need to be fixed. The number of hours you choose can be based on your needs and can be changed if necessary. Our team will work on fixing those issues during the allocated maintenance hours. Additionally, you will be granted access to our issue tracking system. This will allow you to closely monitor the ongoing maintenance.

Beyond cybersecurity, we also increase management capabilities to ensure future optimization. These sorts of optimizations include adding new functionality to your applications, creating new reports or modifying existing ones, customizing applications for new customer needs, moving applications to updated or more efficient platforms, and making applications transferrable to smartphones.

Design-Build-Manage Services

Ayoka Systems is ready to provide you with our Design-Build-Manage services. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company, Ayoka Systems will collaborate with you to make sure you get the product you need. As time moves forward, Ayoka Systems will also continue to be here for you and your business to ensure your products remain optimized and secure.

More businesses are taking an online approach to their enterprise through our Design-Build-Manage services. Given the recent events that have disrupted our economy and have caused many people to avoid physical shopping, more businesses will also need to shift to an online presence.  An increased online presence will be more profitable if you pursue a customized software approach through Ayoka Systems.

The benefits of our end-to-end approach are present across the numerous services we offer. A customized software application for your business created through the Design-Manage-Build approach will provide you with peace of mind in knowing you have a product designed to your precise specifications. Additionally, you will also be able to take comfort in knowing we will provide ongoing support and maintenance at your request.

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