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Ayoka Tackles Enterprise Need for IT Managment

  • Post published:March 12, 2015

Global Information Technology (IT) services are growing in demand at an annual rate of 5% with spending “estimated at $922 billion in 2013.” Morningstar’s Andrew Lange categorized the IT services market into:…

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IT Services in Growing Demand

  • Post published:March 10, 2015

The necessity for the optimization of the processes that make up the business ecosystem has been the driving force behind IT services and custom solutions.

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3 Benefits of Monitoring and Reporting

  • Post published:January 8, 2015

Monitoring and reporting solutions allow you to manage IT data centers, virtual environments, or cloud servers with ease. The results of these analyses offer insight into availability, performance, and utilization. Examining existing vulnerabilities in a system will help to properly diagnose core issues and aid in proper creation and implementation of an optimized solution.

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Three steps for lower IT costs

  • Post published:March 31, 2009

What does it take to complete a successful IT project in today's economic conditions? How are you, as project manager or IT director with ever limited resources, going to cut…

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Focus on less

  • Post published:March 17, 2009

Many companies are looking to save money in the current economy by looking at what can be cut from IT, and this article from InfoWorld lists several ideas that can…

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MMI and InTouch™

  • Post published:January 26, 2009

MMI Internetworking is a division of MMI Incorporated, a highly successful private label wholesale brokerage firm. MMI-Internetworking developed the InTouch™ software to facilitate the interaction of local governments and agencies…

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