Custom Software Development Drives Innovation with MyBlueCar

Discover how one client is changing the face of the limo industry with custom software development

At Ayoka, we’re privileged to be a part of some pretty amazing custom software development projects. We particularly love having the chance to come in and build software from the ground up to launch a new business. This year, we were privileged to work with Jeff. He’s a local owner of a black car service (limos and town cars serving the business and special events market).

Like many professionals in this industry, Jeff’s small fleet often picks up riders who book services through on-demand third party brokers like Uber. Unfortunately, this means two things.

  • The broker takes almost a third of the fare, so drivers do the same work for far less pay
  • A customer has no way of asking for the same driver again if they had a great experience

In Jeff’s mind, this wasn’t a good deal for anyone but the third party broker. As a professional who takes great pride in treating customers right, he knows that drivers deserve to be recognized and rewarded for delivering exceptional service. In addition, customers should have the ability to feel comfortable with choosing a driver they know and trust.

From Black Car to Blue Car

Jeff’s new app incorporates features that help drivers in the black car industry build a strong, loyal repeat client base without raising prices for riders or taking a huge cut from drivers. Here are just a few features of this innovative app:

  • Complete driver profiles that can be reviewed by prospective customers at any time
  • A real-time map showing the GPS location of all available black car drivers in the area
  • The option for customers to “favorite” drivers, turning those black cars blue on the map
  • Two-way messaging between riders and drivers to ensure good communication
  • Real-time booking with secure, fast payment from the mobile app
  • The ability to enter a queue if no cars are immediately available

Stay tuned. You’ll be hearing us talk more about this novel application as it launches and continues to grow its feature set!

~ The Ayoka Team