Benefits of Mobile Application Custom Software Development

At Ayoka Systems, we offer custom software solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, we do it all. In the past decade, mobile apps have grown exponentially. More and more businesses are taking advantage of how mobile apps make processes more efficient and effective. At Ayoka Systems, our number-one goal is to help you deliver the highest level of customer service through customized software experiences. We provide you much more than an out-of-the-box mobile application. We truly cater mobile apps to the specific needs of your business. Read on to learn more about mobile application development and the benefits of apps in several different industries.

iOS, Windows, and Android Apps

One of our first steps in developing a custom software mobile app for your business is sitting down with employees and discussing what is needed from the app. The first order of business is determining whether the app will run on iOS, Windows, or Android. This largely depends on the devices the company is already using, as it is costly to buy all new devices.

When it comes to mobile apps, iOS has a large influence on the app world. At Ayoka, we can create native iOS applications for your business. This is much more efficient than a web application, as it allows the app to run in tandem with the device. Did you know that industry leaders have reported saving an average of 42 minutes per employee each day by using applications?

Windows is another platform that supports custom apps. Between the Windows phone and the Surface tablet, there are several options when it comes to devices that support Windows. As we develop your custom mobile app, we can also integrate the app with your existing Windows products like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange Server.

Last but not least, we can develop custom mobile apps for Android devices. The business world is currently utilizing Android as an Apple alternative. We can create apps for Android that help your business with things like task and personnel management.

Overall, custom mobile apps can save you time and money and cut the need for excess labor costs. You let us know what you want your mobile app to do, and we will make it happen!

Custom Software in Healthcare with Mobile Apps

When it comes to healthcare, mobile apps provide medical practices and hospitals with a lot of benefits. First, mobile apps can be helpful to practitioners. It gives doctors and nurses an easy way to access things like images, medical histories, billing information, and more. Everything is done at the touch of a finger. You no longer have to drag heavy laptops into the room when you see your patients. Use a mobile device instead! Your patients will appreciate how quickly you pull up all their information in one spot. Gone are the days where you have to sift through a paper file to gain more information about a patient!

Mobile apps can also be used to help patients live a healthy lifestyle. We can help your business provide patients with apps that track fitness, provide medical references, monitor prescriptions, and more. These apps help your patients stay healthy and keep track of their medications and next appointments. Your patients will love having access to these apps from their own devices.

Anything related to patients in the medical world needs to be extremely secure. HIPAA and the FDA have rules about making sure patient confidentiality is maintained through mobile applications. At Ayoka Systems, we create apps that are secure and comply with federal regulations in regard to patient confidentiality. Our process begins with meeting with healthcare providers to figure out what is needed from the mobile app. Once we have a clear goal and objective, development begins!

Manufacturing Apps

Mobile applications are extremely useful in the manufacturing world. When used correctly, they can improve productivity and increase revenues while streamlining operations and decreasing production costs. In addition, they can enhance relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers. Overall, mobile apps can greatly improve supply chain management. Here are some ways the manufacturing industry is currently using mobile apps to improve their processes:

  • CRM used by sales teams
  • Access to critical information without being anchored to workstations
  • Resolve problems on the shop floor
  • Locate inventory
  • Update important information in real time and on-location

Data shows that 7 out of 10 manufacturers are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to help streamline operations. At Ayoka Systems, we are ready to help your business save time and money and improve processes through a custom mobile app.

Industrial Apps

We have also developed apps for industrial businesses such as oil, gas, farming, and factory equipment manufacturers. As machinery becomes more automated, it is necessary to keep the software current. Mobile devices will give your industrial business immediate access to controlling these machines, whether you are 5 feet away or 500 miles away. Our apps help increase productivity by improving daily processes like organizing work orders, keeping track of the inventory database, and controlling shipping. All of this can be done from one single app. No longer do you have to worry about having different apps and websites for inventory, shipping, work orders, barcode scanning, and more. With a custom software mobile app, everything you do will all be located in one place. The mobile app can also decrease the chance of data loss.

Custom Software and Mobile Applications  Are the Way to Go!

At Ayoka Systems, we believe custom software is the answer to increasing revenue and decreasing costs while improving customer service. A mobile app is a flexible way to control many day-to-day processes from a lightweight handheld device. Whether you are a doctor or a factory worker, mobile apps are helpful across all industries. At Ayoka Systems, we specialize in creating custom mobile applications that are unique to your company’s needs. We can work with iOS, Windows, and Android, and we can integrate the app with your pre-existing systems. For more information on the benefits of mobile apps and the development process, contact Ayoka Systems today.