Front of House Software for Restaurants

Your restaurant serves amazing food. Your customer service is legendary. Between your product and your service, your restaurant has an unparalleled reputation. The only problem is, your software is a little dated. Your computers crash frequently. You have trouble accepting payment by credit card at random intervals. Maybe your customers have noticed the inconveniences, or maybe you’re thinking ahead; either way, you know it’s time for an update.

Ayoka can help you develop the right software for your restaurant. With locations in both Houston and Dallas, they are easy to find. There are so many new ideas and programs available that you may have trouble picking between available options. Fortunately, Ayoka can guide you through the process of finding the right restaurant software.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is more than just a buzz word. This revolutionary process has already changed how many companies do business, and it’s still a relatively new idea. Soon, companies who have resisted integration will also have trouble keeping pace with the majority of the competition. Systems integration services go beyond easing production behind the scenes. Much of the new software in development actually favors integrated systems.

Restaurant businesses handle a lot of different roles, including food production, customer service, food safety, food delivery, sales, cashiering, and all the joys of management. Many of those roles need access to each others’ information. You need supply totals for bookkeeping, but you also need them to ensure you can cook what you advertise. There’s nothing quite so disappointing as going to a restaurant, eager for a signature dish, only to discover they are out of that particular item. System integration allows different departments to access information in real time, or something very close to real time, depending on the system. This means the accountant, the cook, and the sales lead can all see what’s in the pantry without wasting time with requests, additional emails, and frustration. Your sales lead won’t make a sale for a dish that’s about to run out, but easy access to inventory allows them to make the best specials and offers to benefit your business. Say you’re nearly out of sirloin, but you have half a shipment of pork chops that are approaching their expiration date. Obviously, a sale on pork chops would prevent the restaurant from losing money in wasted supplies while a sirloin special would disappoint customers and cost the restaurant potential sales.

Moreover, systems integration services can make it easier to process payments. It’s easier to handle errors when you can see the big picture, and your bookkeeping staff will enjoy direct access to real time information. Integrated systems run more efficiently than divided systems. They help to streamline labor demands and make the complexities of any business more transparent and manageable.

Hosts and servers can also access information instantly in order to answer customer questions. After all, no matter how well your servers know the menu, items are bound to change, particularly specials and seasonal fare. Keeping not only information, but also communication open between departments helps everyone work more efficiently.

Software for Customers

You may not consider web and mobile apps as front of house software, however, they can quickly transform into customer-friendly systems within your establishment. Imagine digital menus customers can use to order from their tables via touch screens. Those same screens could provide entertainment while customers wait for their meals. in addition, they also offer nutrition information on available dishes, present feedback questionnaires, and even handle the bill. This may seem like technology of the future, but all of these components are available today. For example, a new app called Rockbot allows customers to choose the music your restaurant plays. The app functions like an old fashioned jukebox, pairing novelty with convenience. In order for the app to work, of course, the restaurant must host Rockbot. Allowing patrons to customize their experience at your restaurant is a simple, cheap way to make eating out more exciting. This app is only the tip of the iceberg. As a strong business center with a large student population, Houston restaurants need an edge to stay competitive.

Remember, in the age of the internet, “front of house” restaurant software has a fairly different meaning. Customers can order online via apps, make reservations through their phones, and provide feedback through the same methods. Making sure your apps are top of the line, ensures your business’s remote services represent the rest of your business well.

The right software improves production and customer experience, either directly or indirectly. Whether you want to improve communication and prevent errors with system integration, or you want to let customers take control of their experience, you can save on labor and avoid costly mistakes. Today, many of the best business innovations appear in the world of software. Using those innovations to enhance customer experience reduces the burden your employees shoulder and increases return business. You may have the most amazing food in the world, but your cooks shouldn’t have to do all the work.