New site launched!

After several weeks of reviewing page compositions, layouts, templates, site maps, and mock up, there’s finally something to show for it, the newly-relaunched Ayoka website. I really dig the fresh look, and the layout is perfectly aligned with the purpose of the new design: content, content, and more content. We have so much interesting information and relevant content laying around and a lot of talented people so why not share it (hopefully attracting new visitors in the meantime)? So make sure you come back often and add our RSS feed to your news reader to get the latest and greatest from Ayoka!

On a side note, here is an interesting blog about the (not so) fine art of estimating. I always like to compare the different techniques people use to come up with software development estimates, and how the software development process affects the estimation process. I think it’s also very important to communicate that process to our clients, so they have first hand knowledge of what how we get to our conclusions and can quickly fix any communication gaps up front. After all, [good] software’s primary purpose is to facilitate communication and break down those barriers.