The Value of Local Programmers

Financially speaking, outsourcing a custom programming company overseas is typically the less expensive choice.  However, the cliché, “You get what you pay for,” is true in more ways than one in this scenario.  The value of local programmers is immeasurable in terms of reach, agility, communication, and more. Read about the ways your business benefits from choosing a local programming company

The Challenges

Every business faces various challenges. However, American businesses that outsource custom software programs from overseas often face significantly greater challenges. Communication is usually the first obstacle to overcome, when choosing an overseas programming company.  If a language barrier exists and a client’s software needs are misunderstood from the beginning, the outcome desired is not going to be achieved. This results in starting over with the same company and possibly ending up with the same result. Even worse, you end up hiring another company, thereby doubling your expenses.

Secondly, time zone differences play a major part in successful project management and correspondence needs. When you are half a day behind your programming company, communication lags, slowing down the project.  Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of protecting intellectual property rights. When software is produced outside of the United States, protecting property rights proves to be a real predicament. Obviously, not all countries have the same legal requirements when it comes to proprietorship. Working with a local company, in the United States, ensures your property rights are guaranteed and protected.

Hiring local programmers for your business’s custom software development needs, means effective communication. This ensures there is no misunderstanding of the exact outcome expected.  Differing time zones are no longer an issue, as well. You are no more than three hours different than your programmer.  Keep in mind though, that most American programmers are available 24/7.

Your Target Audience

You understand your target audience, but does your programmer? A local custom programming company knows your target audience. If you need a website developed or software that caters to your local community, a local programmer is familiar with the community and the people in it. This familiarity of your target audience, means your company receives a high-quality software program. More than that, you can be certain that it will reach the precise people it was intended for.

Local Programming Is Worth the Money

Maybe your small business is on a limited budget, and it’s for this reason you’re considering an offshore software company. However, this could end up a huge mistake. Offshore companies commonly hire under educated developers who deliver low-quality programs.  Alternatively, by investing a little more money for your custom programming needs, you receive a return on your investment quicker. What’s the reason for this? Local programmers understand your language and know your target audience. Moreover, they possess the knowledge to provide a very high-quality software program, website, or any other custom software programs your business needs.

There’s Room to Grow

At Ayoka, our programmers build applications with future expansion in mind.  Your business may be small today, a large company tomorrow, and an enterprise in the next two years.  Having the capability to expand your software as the company grows is invaluable.

Team Collaboration

Custom programming involves more than just a series of phone calls.  The very best communication is done in person. A local custom software developer takes the time to know your company thoroughly. They know the people, the process, the software users, and more.  Collaborating with you rather than just working for you, ensures you are involved in the process of developing your business software.

Stimulating Local Economy

Local programmers care about your business not only surviving but also thriving in the local economy.  Custom programming geared towards your target audience in your community helps everyone.  Local programmers are right around the corner so to speak if you need advice regarding your local market, information pertaining to the market, and/or software changes or expansions.

The Best Option

Collaborating with a Texas-based custom software development company like Ayoka avoids common stumbling blocks and provides the following, guaranteed benefits:

  • Clients are fully involved in the process and own their software.
  • The problem is clearly defined before a solution is proposed, ensuring the desired outcome.
  • Applications are built with future expansion in mind.
  • Costs are managed with Agile development that focuses on doing the right thing instead of trying to do everything at once.
  • Ongoing support is available on an as-needed basis.

As you can see, the value of a local custom programming company is incalculable.  Outsourcing your programming needs offshore may seem like a deal at the time, but stretching your budget a little further and making a sound investment in a local programming company will ensure the best end result for your business.

At Ayoka, we learn your business from top to bottom.  We meet you in person and work with you to ensure you are getting the very best custom software available.  Our one clear objective is to deliver the very best in customer service.  We are near you and we will be here for all your software needs, even when the project is finished.  Call us today at 817-210-4042 for all your local custom programming needs, or fill out the quick contact form and we respond promptly.