Software Integration Services to Boost Efficiency

In the hyper-connected world we live in, software integration services are imperative. These services assist organizations in ensuring all information technology (IT) systems communicate with each other, flawlessly and efficiently.  Existing apps that do not communicate with each other and old technology that needs updated will hinder your organization from running effectively and efficiently.  Software integration links software applications and different computing systems together to act as a coordinated aggregate.

Connecting and automating data processes are developed to boost efficiency and increase innovation, both of which are needed to improve competitiveness.  Integrating software eliminates unnecessary work and gives the user the exact information needed when they need it, thereby further boosting efficiency.

Combining the Old and the New

When organizations select new software or new IT systems, software integration with their other systems is typically one of the first necessities.  Quite often, integration needs to occur immediately, especially if a new system is replacing the existing one.  Software integration services help boost efficiency by allowing the business processes to continue running smoothly between systems during the integration.

There are also situations where off-the-shelf software provides the features you like and need, but it does not work well with your organization’s technology.  Software integration services can assist to provide what you need and want in your organization’s technology.

Improving Data Utilization

Imagine you are an orthopedist and your medical practice has its own Practice Management System (PMS).  Your office is also using Electronic Health Records (EHR) software which allows you access to patient histories with the simple touch of a button or two. Have you considered integrating your PMS with EHR to improve patient care and aid in office workflow?  By integrating your EHR system with your PMS and any other ancillary software, you can avoid duplication and eliminate extra steps.

For example, John Doe fractured his wrist in three different places while at work.  At every office visit, his wrist degrees of rotation are written down in the PMS, information from recent x-rays is noted and filed, and Workers’ Compensation papers are copied and filed. Some of this same information is in the EHR software.  With software integration, you can eliminate multiple filing systems and avoid duplication, which causes a lot of confusion and inefficiency.  Again, every piece of software should be integrated.  If you choose not to integrate a piece of software, you are creating a bottleneck in the workflow because anything that is not integrated needs a separate filing system.

Big data increases the size and complexity of stored data; therefore, it is crucial to develop better ways of managing and utilizing these resources.  At Ayoka, we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate multiple data sources with business software to achieve the following:

  • Easier access to valuable data across platforms
  • Deeper insight into vital data resulting in better decisions
  • Reduction or elimination of double-entry and other redundant tasks
  • Better synchronization of data across business applications and for all users
  • More effective collaboration with partners, customers, vendors, and business divisions

Software integration also adds value to the larger system. Interaction with the newly integrated software systems allows innovative, more complex, and efficient capabilities to the system.

The Right Approach to Software Integration

Software integration services help organizations and businesses reap more benefits from their software assets. The ever-increasing growth of technology has created amazing new opportunities; however, having so many options has also generated a great deal of inefficiency as software is added to an organization’s portfolio with no overall strategy.

Ayoka performs a thorough assessment of your organization’s software assets to determine if apps need to be retired, replaced, or integrated with newer solutions.  We have the unique capability to capture data from other software applications as well as the ability to capture control systems data directly from machines, instruments, microprocessors, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), and programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Using an intelligent integration strategy delivers a variety of benefits to organizations that want to save on costs, experience greater ROI, and boost efficiency from their existing assets.  The right approach to software integration services is Ayoka.  We are a Texas-based custom software development company with one clear objective – to deliver the best customer service.

Our mission is to develop enterprise applications in the USA that exceed the expectations of our clients while maintaining competitive pricing. We have successfully built everything from complex enterprise business software to completely innovative new mobile apps for startup companies.

By learning your business inside and out – in person – we can focus on the purpose, needs, and expectations of your organization so that we can deliver a robust, innovative, and very efficient software integration system.  Call Ayoka today at 817-210-4042 or fill out the contact form and one of our software integration experts will get back in touch with you promptly.