Veterans in Tech

Today is Veteran’s day and it’ll be filled with special events and parades to celebrate over 20 million Veterans and their service to the country. Veterans can indulge in a myriad of free deals from restaurants and other establishments as thanks for their service. Reaching out and thanking them for their service as a fellow American is a personable thing to do today, but there is more that we can do as a country to thank our veterans.


Although the media associates PTSD with veterans, but many who have been in the armed forces do not suffer from PTSD. “Don’t treat us like victims,” said Rieckhoff, an Amherst College graduate and former Wall Street investment analyst who led an Army platoon in Iraq in 2003 and 2004. “We’re not broken. We’ve been through a lot, but we’re rising out of it.” Harley Lippman, CEO of Manhattan-based tech company Genesis10 makes a point to not only make interviewing veterans a priority, she urges other companies to do the same ” to get them away from being pigeonholed and stereotyped. We want to show companies they can be just as good or better than other workers.”

Companies have been making a point to support returning veterans with re-integration services to help match veterans with fitting jobs that are relevant to their training. Veterans are more than security guards, they provided specialized services to the forces they served like Mechanics, Medical, Engineering, Tech, Law, even Arts and Media. At Genesis10, their goal is to “convey to employers is what veterans already bring to a workplace — they are reliable, they’re used to doing something greater than themselves, they are team-oriented and goal-oriented, and they know how to work under stress,” Lippman said. “And if nothing else, they’re also the most deserving. When you think of it, the ability to enjoy our way of life is because of their blood and sacrifice.”

Ayoka’s CEO is a Marine veteran, and so is our Sales Manager! We run our projects like a military operation and accomplish the mission, but take intense care, consideration, and pride into our work as a service to you. Our development services emphasize local, hands-on interaction with team members that visit your organization, meet in person, and talk to your end-users. This level of customer service is the foundation of Ayoka’s custom application development services.