Coolest Freebie on the Internet

There are lots of freebies you can download these days. What you want depends on what your need is. I like to play with my photographs, such as add some effects or text. There are lots of image editing software applications that are available for free. Picasa, Photoshop Basic, and Photoscape are just three of the many choices available. However, the one I have found to be most effective is Irfanview.

Why is IrfanView my favorite software image editing software?

I am not a professional photographer and don’t need all the capabilities that expensive software like Adobe Photoshop offers. However, I do like to add some special effects or create a collage or slideshow and Irfanview does the job perfectly.

Irfanview is really fast for an image editing application. As more functionality is added over a period of time, software tends to get slower. Irfanview has proved itself an exception. Irfanview also supports a wide range of image formats unlike Microsoft Paint. It is a one-stop solution for editing all kinds of images.

It is also very easy to create a slideshow with IrfanView. It supports a wide range of audio formats and you can also add video, which is pretty impressive for a freeware. This function also makes it more of a multimedia viewer than just an image editing software.

One of the best features I like about IrfanView is batch processing, such as changing the resolution of images in a batch or converting a large group of images from one format to other. The batch processing saves a lot of images.

IrfanView has all the qualities that good software should have. It is easy to learn, very efficient, and is free. Download it for free from CNET and enjoy spicing up your photographs!