Fantastically Funny Friday’s – Microsoft’s Bunnies, Google’s Goats, and Apple’s Dogcow


If you work at Microsoft, you might be admiring the bunnies all over campus on this lovely Friday afternoon. These cute little creatures are frolicking all over Microsoft’s Corporate Campus. Some of them have been spayed and neutered to keep the population under control. The bunnies have even made their way to the other nearby office of Nintendo and Eddie Bauer.

Over at Google’s campus you might think you have stumbled onto a farm. While not as cute as the Microsoft bunnies, Google has its own campus animals. Google uses goats as environment friendly lawn keepers who eat the grass and weeds.

Although not a real animal, Apple’s Dogcow could be seen in the Cario font on the Macintosh. Her “moof” sound, nickname Dogcow, and given name Clarus, have all been trademarked by Apple. If you see happen to see any interesting animals at your workplace let us know. Happy Friday everyone!