Lenovo Buys Motorola and Fort Worth May Be in Trouble!

Lenovo recently purchased Motorola from Google. The 2.91 billion dollar transaction may bode well for the 400 employees located the upscale Chicago suburb Libertyville, but right here at home in Fort Worth things a looking a little dismal. The folks in Fort Worth that depend indirectly on Motorola for a paycheck may be a tad nervous.  The people working the Moto Xlen assembly line, run by a subcontractor called Flextronics may be in trouble.

On the conference call following the announcement Lenovo was vague about their plans for the Fort Worth manufacturing plant and its employees. The implications were that the relationship with the Fort Worth Flextronics facility may not continue. This announcement certainly leaves employees feeling tenuous about their jobs.  However, Flextronics tried to ease their fears, when the CEO claimed that they had a “fabulous relationship” with Lenovo. However these smoking mirrors do not mean that jobs at the Fort Worth assembly line are safe. We are all waiting with bated breath to see if Fort Worth jobs will go down with this deal!