Big Data Analytics Enabled Through New Competitors

Today’s high-performance computing vendors Texas Instruments, IBM, Cray, Nvidia, and AMD hold stakes in a $21 billion market that specialize in customization of hardware systems that optimize generic hardware architectures for enterprises, tailoring hardware to their specific needs and goals, from big data analytics to cloud computing services. Forward-thinking, IT-intensive, companies have successfully incorporated big data into their IT infrastructure from the core and throughout the stack by coupling ever-innovative high-performance computing solutions with custom software as middleware to serve as a strong foundation for big data processing.

‘Big Data’ encompasses an array of data types, from structured data models and relational databases, to unstructured data like text and images. Processing these large amounts of seemingly disparate aggregated data within a company requires an understanding of your current hardware capabilities, which brings IT decision-makers to the question of how to manage complex processes at a greater scale while reducing overhead costs and accelerating time-to-results to bring these newfound insights of consumer behavior, business process weak points, or identify market opportunities to open avenues that bridge businesses with other businesses and consumers. Application-specific hardware optimization aids in building a good network system but lacks scalability in both hardware and software architecture. It also proves time-consuming, expensive, and altogether inefficient when compared to implementation of custom software solutions, like control systems and automation processes, that optimize existing hardware capabilities and can scale with hardware updates.

The evidence-based management process puts an enterprise’s network systems under a microscope for itemizing, revision, and optimization, to positively influence productivity and return on investment of both hardware and software. Today’s software engineers build and customize enterprise architectures in the cloud alongside a network of other developers committed to fixing errors and addressing vulnerabilities while deploying new features in hours instead of months to cut cost and improve reliability. At Ayoka Systems, our knowledge of hardware integration, cloud computing, and data analytics, including monitoring and reporting, come together to build strong middleware for scalability of your custom enterprise applications while optimizing the security and maintenance of servers. Our services provide industry standardization and consistency, ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and corporate governance requirements.

We at Ayoka provide custom software solutions for enterprises with hardware systems that can scale to handle increasingly intricate workloads that come with company growth. Our experience in working with hardware produced by leading manufacturers and custom software implementation across an array of industries gives us insight that will prove invaluable in your data analytics solution. Call Ayoka at 817-210-4042 to import, transform, and optimize your big data database platform.