Replace Custom Hardware with Custom Software

There was a time when new hardware represented a major shift for enterprises who once paralleled fast, reliable, hardware with productivity and planned their architecture and budgets around these opportunities for advancement. In today’s increasingly technology-driven world that boasts big data and cloud computing, the paradigm has shifted. Now custom software, rather than custom hardware, is the driving force behind optimal functionality in enterprise systems.

Advantages of Custom Software

While application-specific hardware customization aids in building a good network system, it has several downsides. Hardware customization is time-consuming, expensive, and proves to be altogether inefficient when compared to implementation of custom software solutions. Custom software like control systems and automation processes optimize existing hardware capabilities. Software engineers can build and customize processes in the cloud alongside a network of committed developers to fix errors and address vulnerabilities. This gives them the ability to deploy new features in hours instead of months, cutting costs and improving reliability.

Address the Underlying Issue

Allocating resources to regulate your company’s seemingly hardware-based issues does not accurately address the underlying reasons behind the incorrect implementation of existing software solutions. For example, some companies will budget to re-haul a server’s cooling system after reports detail that it is overheating. However, it turns out that the underlying cause of overheating is, in fact, that the system can’t scale the application data presented as a workload, resulting in overheating. When system architects and software developers work together to create a custom solution, they can focus on optimizing the performance of the application to work with the existing IT infrastructure.

With custom software solutions, you can work at optimal functionality without changing your existing infrastructure. Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development services company that works closely with our customers to build innovative products. Contact us today to begin your custom software development project.