Four Signs Your Custom Software Programming Company Is About to Let You Down

Is your software programming company failing to deliver? Here’s how you can tell.

At Ayoka, we’re fortunate to work in an industry where there are a lot of very smart and competent folks building great software. Unfortunately, not every software programming company can meet client requirements. It’s not always possible to tell that this is going to happen until a lot of time and money has been invested. But there are usually some warning signs of impending project implosion. Here’s what business clients should watch out for:

#1 A Steep Decline in Communication

No software company likes to admit defeat. They would rather avoid the conversation altogether and hope you go away. When a project appears to have stalled out and you can’t get an explanation about why, chances are high that things have gotten complicated.

#2 A Sudden Increase in Costs

Has the projected price of your custom application suddenly started resembling a hockey stick graph? If that’s because you decided to add a bunch of additional features, the spike may be valid. But if a price increase comes out of the blue, it may be a sign that the software firm left some important information off their original bid.

#3 An Overly Flashy Demo

The first time you see the brand new piece of software designed for your company can be exciting. But it can also be a bit of a letdown if you were expecting a lot of bells and whistles. Keep in mind that the purpose of a good demo is to demonstrate functionality and ensure your real objectives are being met. If a company is focusing too much on the “Wow” factor instead of the “How” factor, that’s a sign that you may be looking at a product that has more style than substance.

#4 Sketchy Documentation

If the software programming company delivers an app that seems to work fine but that has little documentation, that’s a warning sign that there will be problems later. A software firm that plans to be around over the long term will make sure there is detailed documentation available for ongoing maintenance of the application.

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