Continuous Delivery Keeps on Giving!

Software application’s growing complexity coupled with the need for constant updates make it difficult for companies that were once ahead to keep up without moving beyond the Agile methodology and embracing continuous delivery (CD) to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. CD represents a process or project pipeline that consistently pushes enhancements and bug fixes for the client to review and give feedback.


Continuous delivery is in action in notable companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It’s quickly being adopted by companies that offer Software as a Service (SaaS) along with non-SaaS companies like boxed/on-premise software, hardware/embedded components, industrial goods and services, and consumer goods and services.

Ayoka practices the useful technique of developing code in each developer’s local environment through code branching to leave the environment unchanged until a bug or new implementation has been completed before making a push. We take care not to run multiple code branches at once and make frequent code pulls to optimize our individual efforts. On the client side, we focus on meeting our clients’ needs through pragmatic improvements to the way software is developed and taken into production. We examine open source alternatives to lower your cost of ownership while offering scalability to accommodate growth and facilitate emerging technologies. Our end-to-end build and deployment models give insight with overarching visibility, traceability, orchestration and access control for the entire continuous delivery stream. Ayoka designs custom enterprise software solutions and deploys business process management solutions that utilize proprietary and open source software capable of replacing or integrating with legacy software systems.

Creation of a customized solution that is tailored and maintained by our in-house developers that is based on your company’s needs while understanding what your end users expect will improve your application’s quality while offering us the opportunity to adapt your software to your ever-changing needs! We can meet with your staff and your end users to define software development processes to ensure that your unique company can grow through continuous delivery of scalable, robust, and reliable software.