.net core – open source implications

Microsoft recently released .NET Core as open source in an effort to encourage sharing of documentation, libraries, and bug fixes, which Microsoft’s CTO of the Azure cloud platform, Mark Russinovich endorses since it, “is an enabling technology that really can get people started on other Microsoft solutions.” Since then, Microsoft has expressed plans to release a fully-operational Windows 10 ROM for Android smartphone users to upload and enjoy, and just last week, Russinovich speculated on whether or not an open source Windows Operating System was a possibility!

With an increasingly unique array of enterprise and consumer needs, custom software has taken precedence over out-of-the-box solutions since they just don’t address individual needs while maintaining scalability without a big price tag. New technologies offer the promise of improved productivity and increased competitiveness-but also present logistical challenges. In the interim, it will likely not meet your enterprise goals. If Windows OS were open source, we could tailor the native Windows environment for desktop or mobile to meet your unique needs-and essentially become a part of the Windows team by enhancing their existing features while fixing bugs, maintaining security, and adding new functionalities that are in demand.

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