.net core – open source implications

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.net core – open source implications

  • Post published:April 9, 2015

If Windows OS were open source, we could tailor the native Windows environment for desktop or mobile to meet your unique needs-and essentially become a part of the Windows team by enhancing their existing features while fixing bugs, maintaining security, and adding new functionalities that are in demand. As an experienced .NET software development company, Ayoka focuses on earning the highest level of customer satisfaction for business initiatives involving .NET Software Development and .NET consulting services for a wide range of web, enterprise, and mobile software applications.

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.NET Core is Open Source!

  • Post published:December 9, 2014

At Microsoft's Connect(); event last month, their theme was centric to a cloud-first, mobile-first, and developer-first movement. They announced the .NET Core will be open source with the ability to build for and support all development platforms.

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Real Time Web with SignalR and Comet

  • Post published:April 17, 2014

SignalR provides API for building real time web functionality in the ASP.NET applications. Real Time web functionality is the ability to have server side code push content to the connected…

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.NET vs PHP – Is Pop Culture On Board?

  • Post published:November 19, 2013

We already know the popularity of the .Net framework in the enterprise application space, but does .Net have any cache in the world of pop culture? I decided to do…

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CSV Integration into .Net Application

  • Post published:October 3, 2013

My brother and I had a sure fire way of getting out of things as children. Whenever our dad would assigned us a task, we would simply do it the…

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Speech Synthesizer Class for .NET Framework 4.5

  • Post published:September 17, 2013

One of the coolest parts about any futuristic movies is always the computers that the writers and producers come up with. They have cool things like touch screens and 3D…

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Interoperability Made Easier

  • Post published:August 18, 2009

Interoperability is becoming a quality of greater importance for software or IT products in today’s market. Interoperability is the ability of systems or products to exchange services so as to…

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Debug and Trace in C#

  • Post published:August 4, 2009

.NET offers some very useful classes that allow you to monitor the workings of your program without having to constantly pop up message boxes or handle file output yourself.  Both…

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